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August 18, 2011


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Otakuthon 2011 Report [Image Heavy]

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 18, 2011, 5:20 PM

Otakuthon Report

Otakuthon is over!! I had a lot of fun. Money wise it was pretty disappointing, but, it was one of my most enjoyable cons yet. I met so many new people. : D I shared my table with :iconalexisneo: and we had a blast~ do go check out her art.  She's amazing. <3 She's currently taking preorders for her manga Dream Catchers which is very popular on smackjeeves, so do check that out HERE:… I picked up my copy there and got it signed by her as well~ it's a really great read, and it's not just one chapter like my books are. xD She put a lot of work into it and it's really great. I need more drive too!

In the mean time I'll just put these right here:

Onto the con. I wrote all these posts AS they happened day after day (on my tumblr) so that's why they are layouted like so.

Day 1

Morning started good…. but wth the alley opened hella late. And we had three hours to prepare…. and in the last hour, a guy came around measuring the size of our PVC displays which was…. apparently too tall. There was an artist alley and an artisan's area, where artisan's pay more and can have a larger display. Did not realize this. It was only 6 inches off too, and I was like well. Can we just move our prints down so it's like were not using that space of the pipes? And he said 'no that's not acceptable'. I was like, wtf I can't exactly shorten my PVC pipes, does it look like I have a fucking saw on me?
Luckily we did find a way to attach it under the table (took about 45 minutes and switching clamps with :iconkiwi-san: (THANK YOU BILLIONS) to do so - but we did it).
Our final table:

I'm so glad to have shared a table with Alexisneo QvQ I was afraid I would be realllyyyy shy around her but I am not. Wonderful table partner~~
After the con Jakiita, Ichi, and I went for ramen and then a karaoke room and shots. Omg. I sang so much Katy Perry/Lady Gaga like a complete maniac. Seriously. Jakiita omg you probly were like. "Shut. up." LOL

Day 2

I slept in so I got there a little late. xD And I rushed on putting on my cosplay… which was Nagi from Kannagi. As far as sales go, today was much better. Still quite slow, though…. =v=/
I took off my Nagi cosplay far before the day was even out… I didn't really feel comfortable in it. It feels really really fun to cosplay, but it's something that if you do right, it looks REALLY good. And I wanted to look really good too! But I don't think I can pull it off like some people can. I am very self conscious about my looks, so I took it off before the day was over. I didn't think I looked all that great… and my wig was getting so knotty. I really tried to take care of it as much as I could before con day came, but it seems it was inevitable. I bought a new shirt from the artist alley while I was there and changed into that.
I bought a few things today (I REALLY SHOULDN'T HAVE……… sigh, but when I have money I just made, and a dealers room in front of me…. it's helpless)… a deco ring, deco earrings, some clips, a My Melody plushie, and an artbook (the killer) which featured one of my favorite artists, Morinaga Korune.
I bought it and thought "yanno, I could probly find this for much cheaper online! And I'll probably regret it…..!" ……./BUYS ANYWAY
I just searched for it online.

After the AA closed, me, Alexisneo, her sister, her friend, and Lavender-Ice went out for bubble tea and dinner~
Lol, we went to this first restaurant and were kinda iffy about the menu, and while we were taking our sweet time I was like "hey I went to a sweet ramen shop like 5 minutes away. 'v' "……………..And then we all just got up and left LOOOL. I even left my garbage there /SO RUDE PFFFF
We ended up going for ramen but I couldn't stay the whole time because my ride home was waiting for me hngh~ cry~ I really wanted to stay QnQ
Picture of ramen... fuck yeah.

Day 3

Sales wise, today was even better than Friday, I think. Gotta love those last minute purchasers yeaaah~! *V*/

Not really much to report on today; I went out for pasta with Alexisneo, Jakiita, Hacchin, and his friend, aaand… did many many print trades with people!! I am so awkward when it comes to print trades, I always want more prints than the other person wants from me, so I end up being like, "y'know if you don't want any of mine I will just buy it off you" LOL. QvQ I am so nervous…

Did print trades with :iconakimiya:, :iconpeachmaiden:, :iconlavender-ice:, :iconlittleriyu:, :iconduofan:, and of course many with Alexisneo ( :iconalexisneo: ). xD<3 I also met :iconhinoraito:, :iconnikufei:, and :iconcareko: (I bought a Madoka print from you but I don't think you knew it was me :3c).

Speaking of Alexisneo…………….. (it had to come to this, whether you like it or not….!!)
Forever love. She is an amazing artist and great company!! ;v;/ I am honestly so honored to have been her table partner! I am so shy around people, and the fact that I was able to be myself 100% around her is really something for me. Thank you, Ale~ (old nick name, I know)~ I love you hnnngh~ I hope you can make it to AN since I know you'd do much better there~~ I miss you already cry /superlove deep love IN LOVE FOREVER/

And I must give a EXTREMELY SPECIAL THANKS!! to :iconjakiita: for letting Ichi and I stay there. I had an amazing time, thank you so much for letting us crash at your place! It was a lot of fun!! ;v;/

Final Message

I've got to say overall I think just talking on my livestream to people had even been helping me speak to people face-to-face! I thought it would make it worse, but I used to have a very hard time conversing with people, but this time around I was about to keep a conversation going and come up with questions to keep asking and so-on-and-so-fourth. I have that bit of anxiety and shyness so I am extremely proud of myself for this. I met a lot of new people and artists I've been secretly admiring for awhile and being able to talk to them with out being COMPLETELY awkward as fuck is nice.

Seeing Hinoraito and Alexisneo with their fully published manga tankobons (like the volumes with four chapters or so whatever in them) reeeeeeally makes me want to get working on my manga. Maybe I will take it easy on the tones. But I am so addicted to shading…

Once I get these FINAL commissions out of the way (because I will have money in September………. reason is clear to some people) I am going to spend lots of time on my manga. I really want to make a tankobon. It's hard, but, before Christmas is my goal!!!

I hope you can all continue to support me in my journey. I've been so focused on commissions and selling my artwork and making whatever is popular to make money, I lost track of what I really want (to make manga). It's unfortunate, I've really been stalling Carriers to just make money to LIVE now. I can barely even buy my own groceries anymore. It makes me sad. I want to get back on track of manking manga!! Yes! And Carriers isn't going to be some hardcore military manga either, I have lots of loli and fun planned in it (even if it seems kinda serious in the first chapter..)….. I hope that I can get on a good schedule real soon.

Thank you again everyone for making me more comfortable with my art and myself each day ^v^/


Me and Pinku project (I am the extremely white one in the middle with gleaming as fuck glasses)

Some pictures of me in dirty deco below vvv

A drawing Alexisneo did one side of and I did the other LOL it looks super derp

I made cupcakes after the con with Ichi's little cousins XDD I did the two far right...

A bag I bought at Hot Topic (oh yeah, after I went to Montreal, I went to Mississauga for a few days..... didn't need this purchase but.... it happened.....)

Ichi and I...
Ichi needs a shave...........

Thanks for reading!! : D

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J25TheArcKing Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

See you next year at Otakuthon 2012, I hope you sale your MLP: FIM Applejack and Rainbow Dash Artwork! Because I want to buy it! XD
brenna989 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011
I think your Kawaii.And theres nothing wrong with that.
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Lol, you call yourself extremely white?!?! I AM AS WHITE AS A GHOST. O.O LOVE THE JOURNAL.
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Oceann, will you do a leftover sale? :>
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Hi =]
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Aws I didnt have time to visit the artists alley
Ironically I was in the room 98% of my OT time TTuTT
MorwenHelyanwe Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Student Filmographer
looks like fuuuuun! I'm still jealous!
starxade Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
Wonderful You made it Otakuthon!!!

I'm so happy you had fun.

Thinking about attending next year?

Twice the fun all over again...hehe

Your journal photo's are amazing :D
Thank you for sharing.
KawaiiAnime-Neko Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Student General Artist
awwww! oshan, ur so cute! u dont have to hide so much in ur pictures like u used to!
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