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Commissions OPEN! *Waitlist open*

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 6:25 PM

Oceantann Commissions 2015-2016 *Waitlist OPEN* by oceantann

Commission me here

!!!!!!!! Guys!!!! I've been meaning to open commissions the whole year and I've finally found a chance to. I'm actually really excited! I need a break from original work sometimes.
I've raised my prices from last year because 1. the quality of my work has gone up and 2. with the job offers I've gotten over the past year it just calls for it.
Thanks for everyone's interest!

How To:

1. Fill out the form:…
2. You will receive an e-mail from me within 24 hours confirming your commission.
3. If you choose 'ready to pay' and invoice will be sent to you within 24 hours. If you choose not ready, you will be waitlisted.
4. If you're waitlisted you will be contacted after I'm done all my current work to see if you're ready to pay.


-Serious buyers please
-All prices in USD
-PayPal only
-I prefer to draw girls
-No R-rated requests please
-All full piece commissions will be shown to the commissioner before moving onto colour. All sketch commissions are done in one sitting.
-These are commissions for personal purposes. Not meant for distribution or marketing. If you would like to propose a project to me, please e-mail me at
-I don't know when commissions will be closing. Maybe next week, maybe next month-- it'll depend on how many I receive. I don't know if/when I will be re-opening them after they close. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you!!


1. Natalie S - invoice paid
2. Gloria F - invoice paid
3. Chu Z - invoice sent
4. Samantha N - invoice paid
5. Chelsea S - invoice sent
6. Carla R - invoice paid
7. Faith - negotiation
Jacquelyn Chu - negotiation
9. Mia M - invoice paid
10. Jeff F. - invoice paid
11. Maddie D - Negotiation
12. OPEN
13. OPEN
14. OPEN
15. OPEN
16. OPEN
17. OPEN
18. OPEN
19. OPEN
20. OPEN

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On mic, listening to Ellie Goulding, workin on my new Cintiq. Yaaaaaa

Hi, everybody!!

I’m making a little blog post to update on my life & where my art’s headed, because I’ve been so busy I haven’t really had time to do that in a long while.

The year is not over yet, but my life is pretty much booked up to the end of January so it may as well be. I think that’s why they say time goes faster the older you get, because you have more things going on left and right, you don’t really have time to just sit and think or really “do nothing” at all (and scrolling Tumblr counts as ‘doing nothing’.. I miss doing that!). So before you know it, the year is gone!!

All that being said, I know the more the year’s went on I’ve been less and less active, but I have been really taking the time to work on some personal projects I hope everyone will like…

This year my apparel has really taken off in a way I was not expecting… I first made a shirt prototype for myself and when I posted a photo I was surprised to see others were interested. Since then, summer cons have really blown up for me, and I’ve been working on own brand, Ocean In Space. The exact launch date is not known yet but I’m aiming for mid-November.
In turn of this, my shirts will be available at their first retail location in Toronto next month (info to come!) and I am a fashion guest at G-Anime in January.

As for commissions… ;; I know, since June, I’ve literally been pushing them back month by month by month. But I promised them and they are coming!! December-January should be the time I am able to do them. I will try my absolute absolute best for it.

Of course I’ve been posting a lot about it but, I also have a Cintiq Companion now, which has, in only 24 hours, changed my life. I really needed an upgrade and I’m so glad I’m able to take my work to such a professional level now.

All in all, I don’t know where I want to go from here yet… I know I want to continue making work to make people smile.
And I want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart, seriously - I’ve been on the internet for about 13 years now, legit. 
I started from the bottom. And by no means and I saying I’m at the top, but I am successful, and I’m able to make a living off of doing what I love. And I’ve always been humble about it, because it’s just always been this way. I’ve always been drawing, and creating, and working towards a goal. So I wanted to thank everybody. Every person whose sent me a little message, or liked my stuff, or people who have followed and haven’t said a word. I’m priveledged. I’m really happy I have so many people who I can share my work with and get that message I’m trying to send out. So thanks for always watching, commenting, and reading. I don’t reply to everything and sometimes it seems like I don’t see things, but I see everything! And I am so so grateful. Thank you for helping me become who I am today and for helping me get where I am today. I hope I can continue to improve and make great art for everyone!

Thank you again

FanExpo Table Spot : #A453

Wed Aug 26, 2015, 4:28 PM

Hello everyone!! I’m going to be at FanExpo Canada again this year in Toronto, September 3-6!
My table number is A453 in the comics section near the food court.

Unfortunately I was not placed in the anime section
because FanExpo does not know how to do their job.
Not being shady, just speaking the truth.

I’m going to be aaaaall the way down at the very end in the comics section,
in the rugged area near the food court (next to my m8 Lavender-Iced ).
Please do come find us!! T _ T

All of my new apparel will be there as well as all my new prints.
I’ll also be taking on-spot commissions. Can’t wait to see you!!! * 7 *

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Otakuthon 2015 Table Spot

Thu Aug 6, 2015, 3:26 PM

Hi guys! Last minute notice, but I'll be at Otakuthon once again this year at rable 240 next to alexisneo in the premium section and right around the corner from sakimichan. Plz stop by!

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Contest winners

Wed Jun 17, 2015, 9:17 PM

Hi guys!!
I've been getting some questions about the contest! The winners were announced a couple weeks ago on my Tumblr:…
Sorry for the mis-information!

For quick reference, here is the first winner, AruTeru's entry. Congratulations, and thank you everyone for entering!!

Oceantann's May Lineart Contest Entries by AruTeru

Skin by *firstfear

I've been getting a lot of people asking, so the answer's no, I wont be at Anime North 2015 this weekend. : (

I was on the Pro Plaza waiting list as the #1 spot, and you'd assume being #1 at least one would come free -- and they did -- but the spots were given to people who already had registrations. (Why? This is totally unfair?)
A month to the con I had sent three emails asking for updates, all weren't answered, until two weeks til AN they told me I wouldn't be getting a table.
I tried to get in through my friend who already had a table in comic market, and their partner dropped out, but they would not allow me in -- because I was on the waiting list for Pro Plaza, and not Comic Market.
When I decided I wanted to be on the waiting list for PP, they made me choose between being on that waiting list and signing up for CM. I couldn't apply for both.
I don't even understand their rules anymore.

TLDR; Anime North doesn't know how to run a very good con and I will sadly not be there this year! As hard as I tried! And I did try very hard. : (

I can only hope maybe last minute they'll be like "yo we have a spot open" but... can't get my hopes up. I'm very upset, I've been going to this con for 6 years now and I wont be able to see the usual people I do. :'(

I am confirmed for Otakuthon and FanExpo, and am finding a way to get into ConBravo! Hope to see you there.  U wU

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Japan Vlogs UP!

Sat May 9, 2015, 3:57 PM

It's been about three weeks I've been back from Japan now, and I just finished editing and uploading vlogs that feature my trip!! :-D
Both are very long videos (24 minutes in full), so it might be a lot to watch them all! But if you do, let me know what you think! UwU

Part 1 features videos I took there and things I experienced!

Part 2 features swag I got there and taste testing snacks!!

Enjoy enjoy!! :heart:

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Tue Apr 28, 2015, 5:27 PM

Livestreaming~> HERE

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Japan photos and update!

Thu Mar 19, 2015, 4:52 PM


Bulk photo updates will be posted @ my Facebook

Videos/some photos will be uploaded @ my Instagram

Special photos + my sketches while I'm here will be uploaded @ my Tumblr

I want to really share my experience with everyone, so I’m choosing the most convenient way possible to share my photos. :D Feel free to follow me on this journey! Enjoy!

xoxo Ocean

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I'm goin to Japan

Thu Feb 26, 2015, 1:38 PM

I've already mentioned this several places, but I don't think I officially did on my DA...? Anyway, yeaa!

I'm leaving March 17th and staying there until April 15th. So about a month. I'm staying with my old best friend I knew from highschool who went there to teach English. It's like my highschool dream come true, haha.

Honestly, I am pretty nervous...! ;;; I don't really know that much Japanese. I'm gonna go reside in a place where the country and people and language and society are completely foreign to me. Something I've never done before. I'm so nervous!! ;;

All that being said I'm pretty excited.. I'm going to be residing in a more rural area but I'm going to visit Tokyo for a week and hit up Kyoto and Osaka too I think. I'm gonna take toooooons of pictures! *o*; I mean, I'll be there for a month, haha. Vlogging will probably also happen, too!

For people who have gone, or know the place well, any suggestions for cool spots to visit? Or even just tell me how your experience in Japan went so I know things to expect! (:

Talk to you all soon! xoxo

PS. Next journal entry I'd really like to update these buttons on the bottom, lol.. ;;

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Soooo this is what I've been up to

Sat Dec 20, 2014, 11:23 PM

Hello guys, like my new logo?? /)>///v///<(\ Haha! I actually desperately need to update my journal layout with new buttons and stuff.... x o x My Instagram isn't even on there orz |||||

Just a little update on the Christmas Letters project, we raised $158 to give to Sick Kids Foundation. I am soooooo pleased. ;////; I will definitely be doing this again next year.

(A note: I requested USD from all bidders but submitted the donation money in CAD (Canadian). After the conversion I was left with $25 CAD which I put towards shipping out the letters and drawings. It's something I should've mentioned in the beginning and apologize for it. 
m(_ _)m)

Further more!! As usual I mentioned this on my Tumblr like over a month ago, buttttt I have been working on a very special project over these past couple of months!! I feel really bad actually, because as you might (??) know Ichi and I bought a house a couple of months ago. And I was getting all geared up to start a whole bunch of new personal projects... and I was telling eeeveryone that.... TT 7 TT

But within the first week I moved in to the new house, I was hired for contract work with a local game company Sakura River to do character illustrations for their newest visual novel. Yup, I'm working on a real visual novel! *0*;;;;;;;;
Over the past couple of months I've been super busy with that. But my contract actually finally ends Wednesday! It was quite an experience. It was my first real job as an illustrator, and I learned a lot. I'm super excited to see the game when it's all finished, and will let everyone know when it's available! (It'll be on Steam, btw!)

A couple previews of the images:

So with 2015 approaching, I have a lot of goals I want to tackle!! */////* In the new year I would really love to start making clothes, accessories, and new original prints.
I have a sweater I've been working on for a little while I'm going to release in January, btw u ////////////u

OH YEAH, and more Youtube vids! For sure!! <3

I cannot wait /)///////(\ Thank you everyone for sticking around.. I can't wait to show everyone my true original colours. :heart:

Happy holidays and happy new year! 

xoxo Ocean

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Christmas Letters Charity Project

Mon Dec 8, 2014, 1:40 PM

Hi everyone~~!! I'm doing my Christmas Letters Project again this year.
Last year, I had everyone comment on my journal and I randomly picked a dozen or so who would receive a free letter & ink drawings from me. This year I'm making it a little different.

Because Christmas time is nearing, I want to give back to my community. So instead I'll be putting up five pieces for auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.

Furthermore, every bidder will receive a hand-written letter and card from me, whether you win or lose the bid. (Given that that's something you want)

The auction will end December 14th.

Auction will be open HERE in the comment section:

Christmas Letters Charity Project Auction Pieces by oceantann

About the charity

The charity I've chosen to fund is Sick Kids Foundation, a hospital in Toronto where I spent as a kid when I had pacemaker operations.

A couple years ago I did a charity project and some people got to accusing me that I was going to run off with the money or something. Fully understandable! So I will be making the receipt I get from Sick Kids fully available to anyone who expresses those concerns.

Thank you everyone for reading!

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I'm buying a house!

Sun Sep 14, 2014, 9:59 PM

Okay firstly my 50% off print sale is ending today so I'll just stick this info here!:

50% Print Shop and Artbook Sale by oceantann

Onto the good stuff. If you haven't been following me on Tumblr (where I've been talkin about it non stop) you may not know, me and my boyfriend Ichi are buying a house together. >v<d Buying... not renting! There is so much work that goes into buying a house rather than renting, it's nuts. Paper work... lawyers... oans.. mortgages... x o x Adult things. Haha
So we've been dealing with this for the past month and a half. We looked at many houses, and we were able to get the one we really wanted! I was super happy. We take possession of the house tomorrow and get the keys, so our move-in will start tomorrow. So much stuff to move. So exciting ; w ;

As far as my art goes... I will be converting one of the main rooms into my own personal art studio. ;; w ;;
This wil
l mean more art from me, more mediums, and more time for me to spend in my element!! I'm so excited I can't contain it ;; w ;; Currently I am working on a new mini-artbook, some original prints and paintings, and I want to get some apparel going as well. Also, with the studio now, I'd like to spend some more time on videos and vlogs!

I hope my followers will support my original creations and what's to come. I hope I can really inspire and influence everyone with all the bright feelings in my art I'm trying to convey....  and I hope you will all continue to appreciate that aspect of my work.
In my future original pieces, I really want that colourful mystical power to embody my work. I want it to drive me forward and I want people to enjoy it. And gather inspiration from it!

I really... just really hope people will understand what I'm trying to convey in my original pieces. ; w ;

Right now more than ever I feel this is a turning point in my artistic life. So I want people to look forward to what I have in store! I feel like I'm bursting at the seams with artistic energy (/////////////)

Sorry if this seems weird! ;;;

Thank you everyone for their support. Ily all! And will see you all very soon!!
Feel free to follow my Tumblr for more regular updates.



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Otakuthon @ E331
FanExpo @ P132

Hey guys!! I will be at Otakuthon (in Montreal) & FanExpo(Toronto) once again this year ; v ;

I'll be at E331 at Otakuthon by myself (not premium section this year ; ; )

And P132 at FanExpo with :iconalexisneo: & :iconmoved2-lavender-iced:! We all got an end cap table this year, so we will be facing the far wall in the artists alley. u 7 u Please drop by!

See you all~!

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Commissions [CLOSED]

Wed Jun 11, 2014, 10:34 AM

Commission season has come again!! I'm so excited to draw stuff for people with my new style. Please check it out & support me <3

Examples & Pricing

"Half" and "Quarter" and such refer to how much of the body is shown. Quarter is bust, Half is to the waist, Three quarters is to the knees, and full is to the feet.

*Prices are in USD*

Chibi Commissions 1 by oceantann
CG Chibi - $15

Portrait Commissions 1 by oceantann Portrait Commissions 3 by oceantann Portrait Commissions 2 by oceantann
CG Basic Portrait - $15

CG Bust - $40 (example coming soon)

CG Full Body - $60 
(example coming soon)

Print of your CG commission - extra $5-10 (depending on canvas size)
1-1/2" Button of your commission - $5

(These prices do not include shipping)

:bulletpink: Additional backgrounds, items, or detailed outfits may be subject to extra charge.
:bulletpink: If you are ordering an ink or watercolour commission, please let me know if you want the original. You will have to pay extra for shipping depending on where you live.

Payment & Other

:star: I mainly accept Paypal. I will only accept personal checks and money orders if they are over $35.

:bulletpink: I accept up to three characters in one image, just let me know what you want in your form and I'll give you a quote.
:bulletpink: A visual reference for your character is a must. I will not work from typed-up explanations.
:bulletpink: All commissions are free to have a patterned background or no background. I will be taking some artistic liberty with "patterned" backgrounds this year.
:bulletpink: I have the right to refuse a commission.
:bulletpink: Commissions are meant for personal use only; not for resale or to make merchandise.
:bulletpink: Do not send me any payment, I will be sending the invoice.
:bulletpink: Payments must be made within a week of sending in the form.
:bulletpink: Your commission will be posted on :iconoceancommissions:


This year I'm taking all my forms through e-mail so I can keep track of them better; since DA does not have a search system in their notes it's very hard to stay organized.
Please e-mail the form to under the subject "Commission".

DA/Tumblr Username: A place other than email I can contact you at
Paypal address/other form of payment: Please input your Paypal address here
Commission type:
Reference of your character(s):
How you want your character(s) to look or interact: Just a couple lines explaining pose, facial expression & etc; or if there's more than one character, the relationship between said characters. If it doesn't matter to you, you don't have to add anything.
Background: None, patterned, or detailed
Extras: Prints, buttons, or if ink/watercolour, wanting the original piece

Example form:

DA/Tumblr Username: oceantann
Paypal address/other form of payment:
Commission type: CG Three quarters (2 charas)
Reference of your character(s): [link] & [link]
How you want your character(s) to look or interact: Please have them together doing peace-signs and looking happy. Please have them wearing this: [link]
Background: Flower patterned background
Extras: None

Slots taken: 11/15

Thank you~~!

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:iconoceantann: & :iconalexisneo: - Anime North #C09

Hi guys~! It's been awhile! I've been posting on my Tumblr more these days, so feel free to follow me there. ; v ;
I will be at AN this coming weekend.... so much to dooo~~ I made SO MUCH STUFF ahaha;;;;;; Hope you all like the selection this year. ; 7 ;
I will also be at Otakuthon and ConBravo this year with everything here as well. uwu
Everything here has also been updated in my online shop. : D

Hope to see you guys there!! I'm so exciiiiiiiiiiiiiteeeedddddddd ;; w ;;

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Thanks guys~!

Thu Apr 24, 2014, 9:28 AM

Thank you guys for all the lovely birthday messages!! ; v ; I wish I could reply to everyone!
Thank you as well for the lovely drawings~ ;//u//; Every birthday I like showcasing them, so please enjoy~ thanks again everyone ;;u;;

Happy Birthday Ocean by KateyGoldenMoon Oshan's Birthday Present! by OtakuSyra To My Best Friend by J-Mirakuru Happy Birthday Ocean! by PinkSkullsAndRibbons Oceantann~ by genacinth boop another birthdayyy by LittleLonelyFawn Happy Birthday Oceantann! by Shadethehedgecat24   <da:thumb id="449797043"/> Mahou Shoujo Oceantann by ThePandaCaffe G:HBD Ocean! by mieille Happy Birthday Oceantann!! by CloudZeko HBD oceantann by ByBy2014 HAPPY BIRTHDAY OCEANTAN!!! by HaruBlossom  <da:thumb id="449889776"/> Oceantann! by ShizukoA Happy Birthday OceanTaan o/ by YukaNeeChan  HBD Ocean by Artifedex  Oceantann's Birthday Drawing by ChibiDynamite

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New Improved FAQ!

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 10:59 PM

Hello guys! Considering the last time my FAQ was updated was MARCH 17TH 2012.............. I think it needed to be refreshed.
If you have any questions that aren't on here you may ask me, but please read them thoroughly before doing so. Thanks!

LAST UPDATED:  April 20th 2014


Q. What's your real name?
A. Allison... but don't call me that ;;

Q. How do you pronounce Oshaikeuchi?
A. Oh-shy-ee-keh-oo-chee

Q. How old are you?
A. I don't specifically give it out, but I am out of college.

Q. Where do you live?
A. Ontario, Canada

Q. How long have you been drawing?
A. Around 10-12 years

Q. Do you sell at any cons?
A. I go to Anime North, FanExpo, and Otakuthon almost yearly. I am working on expanding a little more out west.

Q. Can I purchase your manga at Barnes&Noble/Chapters/Indigo/etc?
A. Sorry no, but you can only purchase it through my personal store

Q. Please draw so-and-so for me?
A. I do not on any circumstances take requests! I have commissions open sometimes, so keep an eye out for them! (I am currently planning on opening them for June-July 2014!)

Q. Can you make a tutorial on ___?
A. I would love to have more time to make tutorials. Whenever I do, hair will be the first thing I'd like to tackle because people have requested it for years. ;; Sorry!

Q. Can we be friends? Can I have your MSN/skype?
A. As much as I would love to be friends and have chit chats with all of my watchers, I'm a busy girl ;; But please know I love you all!

Q. Can you check out my drawings and give me some tips?
A. This is another thing I wish I could help you all on. Sometimes (once-in-a-blue-moon kind of sometimes) I will review/critique art posted on my livestreams (as per request), but it's very hard to give so many individuals different advice when really it is all the same in the end.

What do you want to be able to draw good? Think about an artist you want to emulate, and think about why you like their art. Now, try think about what you need to do to learn those things and achieve that level. Learn things that will make your art better -- study light sources, anatomy, and different styles. Think about where and WHY you are placing your lines where you place them. These things may not seem appealing, but you will really benefit from them in the long run.

Q. When you start sketching something, do you have a general idea of how you want it to look (pose, theme, clothing, etc) or do you just start drawing and think it up as you go?
A. My strongest pieces conceptual-wise usually start with an idea ahead of time; but once and awhile a random sketch will turn into something alright.

Q. Do you have any other hobbies or interested? 
I love fashion, singing, dancing, working out, cooking, and gettin high. Yup

Q. Where do you get all your clothes?

Q. I want to sell at my first convention and need some advice!
A. I got this question so many times, so I made an article about it on my blog, here! ^v^


Q. What programs do you use for your digital colouring?
A. Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS5

Q. Do you have to buy these programs? Where do you get them from?
A. You're SUPPOSED to buy them... ;;

Q. What tablet do you use? How much was it?
A. I use Wacom intuos4 medium, and it was $250. I bought it used.

Q. What tools do you use for lineart/colouring/blending in SAI?
A. I use the Ol Water tool to lineart/sketch in SAI. For colouring, I use the pen tool for filling, and the brush for blending.
My current ink settings:

Q. How do you colour your lines in SAI?
A. Set your lineart layer (must have ONLY lines on it, no flattened image with a white background) to preserve opacity. Then colour away.

Q. How big are your canvases?
A. Usually 5100x3300 pixels for printing size.

Q. What are your brush/blending settings?
A. I can't answer this because I don't have one set of blend settings. They are always changing. And I don't mean like "I use this setting for the eyes, and this setting for the face" I mean they change every tenth stroke or so. It depends exactly what I'm doing at that moment. Sorry! ;;


Q. What do you use to record your screen?
A. Hypercam2.

Q. What do you use to edit your videos?
A. Previously Windows Movie Maker, now Sony Vegas Pro 9.

Q. How do you record your copic videos?
A. Most of them are just my laptop screen tilted down (the webcam is internally inside the laptop) and looks down upon the drawing. Then I flip the recording in a editor.

Q. How do you speed up your videos?
A. Previously used the "double speed" feature on WMM, now I do it in Sony vegas Pro (I think you press shift or caps or tab or ctrl....and drag it to the left lol. I forget which one it is ;; )

M A N G A  &  P R O D U C T

Q. Where did you get your manga published?
A. I self-publish all of my books at local print shops.

Q. Where do you print your prints/stickers?
A. Prints are done locally. As for stickers I have used two suppliers, RockinStickers (vinyl) and JiMiAgency (paper).

Q. How do you come up with stories/create characters?
A. I don't make as many stories as I used to, but-!! I believe some of the most interesting characters are based on real people with real faults and real traits. So when I make an OC, I try to base it on someone I know and the way they think/their motives/points of views.

Q. What is your manga-making process like?
A. When I have a story, I making thumbnails for the pages (by chapter) and write the script when I'm making the roughs for the panels. Then I sketch the the pages according to each thumbnail, then ink, and tone.

Q. I'm selling at my first convention and want to know about making products!
A. I got this question so many times, so I made an article about it on my blog, here! ^v^

If anyone else has any questions I should add, please, ask away! >v<
:heart: :heart:

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Artist Feature!

Fri Apr 4, 2014, 8:52 PM

Hello! My front page has been a little dead lately, so I'm going to liven it up with some great artists I follow! Some of them you may heard of, others are imo very underrated. That being says all the art is amazing, so please enjoy!

Aerial by escume February by escume Elsa by escume Belle by escume
Absolutely breath taking watercolour-styled portraits, and the artist is only 20.

<da:thumb id="137141880"/> Pony by tknk <da:thumb id="135234295"/> <da:thumb id="96887121"/>
Beautiful girls and Korean fashion everywhere.

80shiji by QueenAshi  
I am all over these colours & lineart~!

Comm: rerolune by ikr Comm: H0peh by ikr Comm: RanNiwa by ikr POP bunny by ikr
I looooove her style... it's so clean and fresh I could die.

LET IT GO by alexisneo Mother of Dragons by alexisneo PPG 2014 by alexisneo nonon jakuzure by alexisneo
A very good friend of mine; I will pimp her art 'til the end of time.

:AT: All Hail the Fluffy Queen! by Desiree-U :CE: Beautiful as a Rose by Desiree-U :HBD: La Mia Preziosa Fragolina by Desiree-U 

Mature Content

:CM: What a Pretty and Rare View! by Desiree-U

Her lineart is to die for and her style is moe level 10000000.

Raving Mimi and Birthday Bash Nyami by ULTRAHAPPYALARM Thank You Carina!! by ULTRAHAPPYALARM FEED ME by ULTRAHAPPYALARM Commissions Open!! by ULTRAHAPPYALARM
A cute and psychedelic style. I love the mix of these two, it always creates something unexpected yet great. Love all the colours too!

Sakura Kinomoto by Bunni-purin Blooms by Bunni-purin Shimakaze by Bunni-purin
It's unfortunate she doesn't have much up right now + is on hiatus, but her style is really put together! I hope she comes out with more soon ~

Tokyo Mew Mew by Apricot-Crown Cardcaptor Sakura Fanbook Wraparound Cover by Apricot-Crown Super Sonico by Apricot-Crown Sagittarius by Apricot-Crown
This was the winner of my Fight Like A Girl contest I had earlier this year! Her style is so unique. It has a retro kind of flare. Plus, magical girls~!

Dancing on the Stars by Naschi Colors by Naschi Sailor Jupiter Makoto by Naschi
I freakin bow to this girl u/////u Such amazing traditional art!! She is definitely on Arina levels. She has her own published manga, too!

HBD Tinaaa by Artifedex LB: Shimapan by Artifedex Yes, I want to build a snowman... by Artifedex KLK: Let's Go! by Artifedex
An old and good friend of mine! The style reminds me a little bit of my (very) old style. ;v;

Hope you guys enjoyed and found some new great artists to watch! >w</ :heart:

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