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Hello guys~ this will be my final update on Fight Like A Girl.

All copies have been scheduled for send out and every person who ordered has been notified via email (psure to the email everyone paid with -- I'm using Storenvy's 'mark as shipped' notifications, but I think it's been being iffy; like people not getting their emails).

If you did not receive your email and are concerned, feel free to let me know with the email + name you ordered with and I will tell you when your scheduled shipping date was.

There is only one copy left that hasn't been sent out/notified; it is because I am waiting for a response (name is under Angela P -- if you are out there please get back to me~ otherwise I'll have to do some deep digging through my DA notes uuu)

Copies are still for sale here, although they are going much faster than I expected lol ;;;

Thank you everyone for supporting this project. I really hope you all are pleased with the book and the work I put into it. u////u
I'm very grateful to have such supportive watchers. I hope you guys will continue to support me and follow my upcoming work. ; w ;

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Finally, all the books are in!! If you are following my Tumblr however you might've already seen all this hehh

I started packaging them over the weekend and am going to try and get all the pre-orders shipped out between today and Friday.

^This is the Monday and Tuesday shipment piles, but I have still so much more to go @ 7 @ ;;; 

As I package everyone's order, I have been sending out emails to let every individual know the date of when their copy will be shipped. Please be aware that I have been sending these notifications to the emails of which you paid with.

If you have not received an email yet it means I’m still packing an processing your order (which I hope to complete by the end of tomorrow, by the way!)

As for as shipment times go, this is very important that everyone is well aware so no one thinks their package is lost:

-Packages shipped to Canada & USA will take 5-10 business days max, but it is not guaranteed so please allow some time after.
-International orders are the unfortunate long one; they will take 4-6 weeks to reach you (it was the cheapest method unfortunately, anything quicker is like $20+...)

Please be aware that once the packages leave my hands at the post office they are no longer my responsibility. I am not responsible for lost mail. That being said, I've never actually had a package go lost in the mail.


Now that is all said and done!! "Fight Like A Girl" is now fully up for sale in my shop, here! I will only have so many copies for so long and then I probably wont be getting any more printed since I am moving on in my artistic endeavours~ so now is your best chance. uvu

I will also be selling these at Anime North 2014, if you wanted to pick up a copy there~ u7u.

Thank you all ~!

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So I'll be at Toronto ComiCon this weekend with my partner, :iconphoonty: !! I've been sharing my art tables with such an assortment of artists these days, it's really great.

Unfortunately, I will only be there Saturday & Sunday because I'm going to the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in Toronto Friday. What a terrible date for everything to be lined up at.... @^@ Is anyone else going to the KPP concert??

I'll post pics and such * 7 * Hope to see you guys there!!

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Anime North Table!

Sun Feb 23, 2014, 8:16 PM

I'm happy to inform that (once again..) I got a table for Anime North this year! I'm really thankful for how lucky I've been every single year. ;;; I feel like my luck has got to run out some time...
I'll be tabling with my pal :iconalexisneo:; please also check out her Tumblr. More info to come!

Con-G ended this weekend. I had a good time! I was really pleased to have so many people stop by and recognize my work. I also met some really cool people. ; w ; Thank you for these memories!!

My table from the con:

Also the proof of the book should be coming in this week. Thank you everyone for your patience and as always, support. :heart:

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Con-G Table Location!

Wed Feb 19, 2014, 1:42 PM

Hi all, I'm going to be at CON-G this year (in Guelph)!
I wont have my artbook, but I'll have some prints from the artbook as well as the stickers I posted yesterday.
Hope you will stop by~! :heart:

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Fight Like A Girl Pre-Orders OPEN

Sun Feb 2, 2014, 12:10 PM

Main Info
Full Colour/Perfect Bound
Size: Letter size (8.5x11)
56 pages on gloss paper
Price: $35 USD/CAD

25+ pages of unseen work
12 Guest artists
9 pages of bonus content (comics, sketches, and walkthrough)

Guest Artists
:iconakimiya: :iconalexisneo: :iconmoved2-lavender-iced: :iconhitsukuya: :iconkarameruyukika: :iconpeachmaiden: :iconcosmolade: :iconcherriuki: :iconslugbox: :iconharukatsune: :iconmagicalsakura: :iconapricot-crown:
Many thanks to all of these talented induviduals!! I'm very honored to have them be part of this project. ; w ;

Shipping Costs
Canada- $8
USA- $10
International- $12

These prices are for standard post only; if you are getting your book mailed internationally, it may take up to 40 days to reach you. If you would like a faster shipping option it is $8 extra, please let me know.
Note; I am not responsible for any lost mail! However, I have never actually had any problems with lost mail.

Payment Methods
-Cash/check through mail (USD or CAD only)

How To Order
If you are paying via Paypal, please purchase through my Storenvy HERE.
If you are paying via cash/check through mail, please fill out this form and send it to under the subject 'Order'.

Number of copies:
Payment method: (cash or check)
Mailing Address:
Extras: (Signed copy, anything from my shop, etc...)

I will then reply to you with a full total and where to mail the cash/check. Replies may take up to 24 hours, please be patient, thank you!


Full Moon Holiday by oceantann  <da:thumb id="432860142"/>
fight like a girl by harukatsune Fight Like a Girl artbook PREVIEW by KarameruYukika F.L.A.G. Preview by MagicalSakura <da:thumb id="432250120"/>
fight titans LIKE A GIRL by MOVED2-Lavender-Iced  FIGHT LIKE A GIRL by alexisneo Fight Like A Girl: TMM Preview by cherriuki
Pretty Cure Speedpaint:…
Tokyo Mew Mew Speedpaint:…
Tumblr tag:…

★Let me know if you want it signed. It costs no extra! Thank you!!

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Feb 1st Update

Shit you guys. u__u!!! Last 5 hours of the contest, and I got 30 entries. You're all so amazing ; u ; And I really appreciate all of the effort everyone put into their entries. Really it touches my heart//// I am going to have a difficult time deciding the winner. Whoever I decide upon, I want to sincerely thank every one for their efforts!! You all did an amazing job.

On the topic of the winning entry, I was originally going to contact and judge the winner today, but I have a lot on the go this weekend + I am still waiting on some of my guest entries (plus I still have a couple of days left of work myself ^7^;;;.) so I will be announcing the winner either on the 2nd or the 3rd. Or the 4th. Depends how crazy my schedule is I suppose ehe.
HOWEVER pre-orders for my artbook will still be opening tomorrow!! ; v ; So I will make a journal all about that! Thank you every one for all of your support. I am very happy to be getting back into the art community again. Thank you :heart:

Hello guys~! 
My magical girl artbook "Fight Like A Girl" is scheduled to be done by the end of this month (hopefully...) and I'm finding myself with an extra page... I could fill it, but, every project I do online I really do like making it interactive with my watchers. So I'm going to give everyone a chance to join!! \*o*/ I don't have much to give in the way of prizes, but I thought at least a chance is better than none. ^v^

The art book I am releasing at the end of the month is a magical girl fanart book, so obviously, the objective of the book is to draw magical girls! \^7^/ ~*
Please make sure to read everything thoroughly before submitting your entry.


- You can draw fanart of any of these series EXCEPT FOR: Kill La Kill, DN Angel, and any of the weird hentai on the list lmao
-If you have a particular series in mind that is not on the list, please verify it with me first
- This is a fanart book, so I am not accepting any original characters, sorry.
- You are allowed to enter fanart you may have previously drawn (only if they are the right qualifications)
- It must be in full colour
- With out without a background are both accepted
- You are allowed up to three submissions
- It can be done in any medium you like, digitally or traditionally
- The file must be 8.75 x 11.25" 300 dpi for printing (this comes up to 2625 x 3375 pixels) BUT your uploaded file does not have to be this large
- Please make sure you have the high res file available.
-No gore, violence, nudity or sexuality in your entries.

How to Join

- Upload your entry onto Deviantart, stash, or Tumblr and note it to me.
- You can also e-mail me your submission to:
- Also let me know what series it's from since I may not know (lol)
- You do not need to upload the full res images, just make sure they are available upon request


- Your work in the artbook
- A free copy of said artbook
- An original sketch from me

2nd & 3rd
- Original sketches from me

End Date

February 1st, 12AM EST
Good luck to everyone entering!! I'm super looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!! ; v ;

Current Entries

Entries given via stash or email will not/cannot be featured.
In the name of the moon... by MouseyPeach <da:thumb id="424684318"/> Kaname Madoka by XxPandaxStarxX Become a Magical Girl! by lilpinkpeach  CE Fight Like A Girl:Shugo Chara! by ZombiekinzFight Like A Girl Entry by bunny-bexell
<da:thumb id="424103760"/> Puella Magi Madoka Magica FIGHTING by Rmblee Sugar Sugar Rune by Kaleillia Fight like a girl by kylixM  <da:thumb id="424662988"/> Sword Princess by Merikku 
CE: oceantan by miniezebra Who is Sailor V? by CIC-Studios Wedding Peach_Love Angels by CIC-Studios Sailor moooooon by xxSelly Birds of a Feather by Chileaf Contest Entry Fight like a girl: Sakura CardCaptor by Mokyu-Mokyu
Penguindrum Galaxy by kittymochi Magical Girl by HauntedCherub Unlock Your Heart! [Critique please!] by quila111 Time by LittleLonelyFawn <da:thumb id="425697266"/> Sailor Moon by myckuu
Infinite Existence by OceanFalcon <da:thumb id="425729506"/> Ichigo Momomiya by Syertse Contest Entry [Rune rune sugar ] . by 8AmyEmo8 I'm a DREAMER by HeadlessMaid Yuu-chan by randomfangirl1
Goddess Madoka by darkmadbunny Homura Akemi!! by SteelWing1 Contest Entry: Illyasviel Kaleid ver. by SteelWing1 <da:thumb id="426133126"/> <da:thumb id="425844377"/>  
Guardian: The Second by maiyouka <da:thumb id="426309359"/> Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne by Apricot-Crown  Ultimate Madoka by maryfraser  
Platinum by maryfraser ''Fight like a girl'' contest- Pretty Cure by elegant107 ...:Hinamori Amu:... by Espliego <da:thumb id="426467306"/> Kaname Madoka by Kitayame <da:thumb id="394782989"/> 
<da:thumb id="414992974"/> Cardcaptor Sakura Fanart by vitorsanches Always, Somewhere by AnnieTheWhimsical Sailor V by R0cket-Cat Amu by ryuzaki7 Madoka for a Contest by ErinPrimette
Galaxy Goddess .::Print Available::. by LadyNekochan <da:thumb id="426816493"/> Tokyo Mew Mew Ichigo Fanart by UsagiPyon-chan Goddess by Mizuichii Night Duty by Himechui Ojamajo Doremi by semie78
shugo chara amulet heart by THE-SOUXNOA-SISTERS Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Archer[SPEEDPAINT] by zera-lumaniam Hanon by ChocolateJuju Mami Tomoe by CaeliTantibus9 Fight like a Girl ! CE by amai-kohi CE: Tokyo Mew Mew by MangaFox156
Sayaka and Mew Mew Mint (ocean contest entry) by YumiMyNinja Lyrical Tokarev, Kill Them All ~ !! by CRYPTERS Sailor Moon by MomoCosmos <da:thumb id="426680493"/>Homura Akemi by YukinaEstebann 
 Amulet Spade by PieperStars Dokidoki! Precure - Cure Sword by Moerin-Satsuki <da:thumb id="426543530"/> Wish by WitchieCat
Luchia by hazelnoix Dark Matter //Madoka Magica by KIn00b Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Take my Hand by CoffehKittehFluff Tokyo Mew Mew by semie78 Madoka magica by potatoe-sama Hyperdimension Nep: Planeptune CPU Purple Heart by CoffehKittehFluff
Mahou Shoujo Magica Madoka by ruethyst Credens Justitiam by marikyuun <da:thumb id="428589086"/> Cardcaptor Sakura: Soaring on Cloud Pink by EzmeAG98 W.I.T.C.H. Fanart by Drawn-with-Passion <da:thumb id="428397217"/>
Madoka Magica - Contest Entry by cherutan <da:thumb id="428118256"/> Zodiac P.I. - Contest by xXxInuyashaLoverxXx Smile Pretty Cure: Good or Bad? by Moonfan77 <da:thumb id="428958168"/> Kamichama Karin Chu by xAyumi-chanx 
<da:thumb id="429086954"/> <da:thumb id="429141030"/>C.E- sakura the card captor by karsisMF97<da:thumb id="429444970"/> Contest FLAG Cure Beauty by ichigofan123The Dash by misscoca-ine
Contest entry - Moe tan- Ink by tanyan-art Magic Knight Rayearth Fanart! by LisaLove12 Homura Akemi by Eloquent-Phony  Powerpuff Girls Z - FLAG Contest by YerBestFriend99 Madoka Magica: Sayaka's Boobies by LemonPoppySeedMuffin UTENA: The Rose Duelist by MiriamDott
<da:thumb id="429640849"/> Fight Like A Girl by Minccinojuic Heartcatch Precure! by nuxi-chan ~Magic Chocolate~ by Birdz555 Cure Peach~ by Puffyko Sakura Descends! by Queen-of-Butterflies
<da:thumb id="429918615"/> Sailor Moon by PirateNinjaAssassin1 In the Name of the Moon by smarticles101 SAilor mOOn by luckydraws Madoka Gadoka Magica Lalala by luckydraws The Witch's Labyrinth - Sayaka by luckydraws
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne! by W0lfStarL0ve Hop Step Jump by Keeyko <da:thumb id="430189900"/> <da:thumb id="430227815"/> Sayaka Magica Madoka by snowsteel Sailor Chibi Moon by Draconine
Little Witch Academia by MrWolfyCloud ~Fight like a girl!~ by candykiki Madoka Magia by bleach12324 Dokidoki! Precure contest entry by Rynnu Saint Tail by Frills-Of-Justice Amu Chan Fan Art by UsagiPyon-chan
initiate survival strategy and fight like a girl! by miicha-desu Homura Akemi (AKUMA) by Phadme My real self, you idiot! by Apiikipa Pretear by Apiikipa Fight Like a Girl by Skylithe Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya -FA by DennisLego
Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? , Let The Magic Begin! by Streleven Stardust Witch Meruru by Sikki-Sato Magicure!~ by Sikki-Sato Lost In Time by AmikaMangaka Fly away by Gretechan Come dance with me? by HaruBlossom
Ultra Hapupu!~ by Mai-Meo Opposites by Sakura-DomotoI Am... by punyorin Hand in Mine~ by Chileaf SAE MAHO TSUKAI TAI by KimiK-A Fight Like a Girl! by Usamimi-kun
 Card Captor Sakura (Ocean's Contest Entry) by epicAnnaaaa Ultimate Madoka by Xattuo <da:thumb id="430886774"/> Puella Magi Madoka Magica by Kitanya Swan Lake - Princess Tutu by Kitanya
My Heart: Unlock! Version 2 by Nuyy93  Card Captor Sakura fanart by Canariam Amu Chan Fan Art by UsagiPyon-chan Saint Tail by HanakoVermillion Get The Canons Ready by AKA-Osuke
Madoka for Oshaikeuchi's Contest by misheru Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica by YumiMyNinja <da:thumb id="430954583"/> Irma by semie78 Madoka Goddes by AirShine Mew Ichigo. Fight like a girl. by Menuxi
Doremi by YukaNoHimawari Magical Old-School by WallyTheWaffle <da:thumb id="431145097"/> Sailor Neptune by zeldaandmidnafreak

Contrast by Seizure-Salads  Magic Knights by CIC-Studios Guardian by maiyouka God Madoka by TheKiwiSlayer Magical Doremi by Cheapcookie Magical Wind by Himechui Contest Entry: Bee And Puppycat by DigitalKelby <da:thumb id="427780757"/>Rainy Day Man by jemaica
Cardcaptor Sakura [CE] by Nekokorochii <da:thumb id="430267756"/> <da:thumb id="430371849"/> Homesickness by leylaana Sailor Chibi Moon by leylaana 
Sailor Jupiter by leylaana MADOKA KANAME by Phadme Princess Tutu by Frills-Of-Justice Dokkan by ChibiDynamite Ah NO! Not this one again!!!-Bee and Puppycat by EtherealX-P
Neptune and Purple Heart by YumiMyNinja Princess Serenity by Kitanya

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Fight Like A Girl Contest WINNERS

Wed Dec 25, 2013, 10:23 PM

Hello!! Firstly, sorry, I am actually editing an older journal to post this because I don't want to put my pre-orders off the front of my page ehe. So some of the comments don't match up > o >;;;
Pre-orders are now open here, by the way!

Thank you everyone who joined the contest!! I got nearly 150 entries....... so it was extremely hard to choose... ; o ; I love them all and I'm very honoured to have everyone take part in this. Thank you very much!
I am very happy to now announce the winners~

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne by Apricot-Crown
From the moment I saw this entry I was extremely impressed. I am a composition-whore, and one thing I was very nitpicky about for choosing a winner was how good the winner's image will look on a page. This is everything I hoped for and more! I am really happy to have Apricot-Crown as a part of my art book, and I highly suggest everyone go check out her retro-moe art.

Saint Tail by HanakoVermillion Contest entry - Moe tan- Ink by tanyan-art
The CGing on HanakoVermillion's pic is just lovely. It's soft and graceful, and I cannot take my eyes off the hair. Very honored to have this artist take part in my contest, thank you for your entry!!
tanyan-art .... were you pushing my loli buttons?? LOL;;;; Seriously, I love this pic u////u I love the colours and I was happy to get a Moetan entry!! (I think this was the only one...) Thank you, your style has great potential so please keep it up :heart:

Notice to the three winners:
Please note me with what you would like sketched along with your mailing address!! ; w ;

Fight Like A Girl by Minccinojuic Time by LittleLonelyFawn Saint Tail by ShadedAstral
1. Hehe, my boyfriend really loved this entry (as do I). Thank you for this lovely entry and interesting composition!!
2. Both Ichi and I agree that LittleLonelyFawn's is very interesting. With a couple more years under your belt we agreed that your style could be both polished and unique. :D
3. A very exquisite entry from ShadedAstral ~~ the composition is really beautiful and the scatter of balloons are perfect!

CE: oceantan by miniezebra Platinum by maryfraser Fight like a Girl ! CE by amai-kohi Ichigo Momomiya by Syertse Sailor V by R0cket-Cat <da:thumb id="430954583"/> Saint Tail by Frills-Of-Justice UTENA: The Rose Duelist by MiriamDott Cure Peach~ by Puffyko Sakura Descends! by Queen-of-Butterflies <da:thumb id="430227815"/> Credens Justitiam by marikyuun W.I.T.C.H. Fanart by Drawn-with-Passion Madoka magica by potatoe-sama Lyrical Tokarev, Kill Them All ~ !! by CRYPTERS

Rainy Day Man by jemaica

Thank you again, everyone!! ; w ;

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Back from surgery (again)!

Sat Dec 21, 2013, 12:26 PM

Sooo.. I had yet another surgery yesterday.

I wasn't even expecting it! I had a checkup planned yesterday to see how my pacemaker battery was doing, and the doctor told me I needed to have it replaced within the next two months before it dies.

(A pacemaker [via Wiki] is a medical device wired up to the heart that uses electrical impulses to regulate the beating of the heart. The primary purpose of a pacemaker is to maintain an adequate heart rate, either because the heart's natural pacemaker is not fast enough, or [in my case] there is a block in the heart's electrical conduction system.)

The doctor continued on asking me, "have you had anything to eat today?" in which I went.... "???"
I had only had two spoonfuls of yogurt that morning... and then she told me she was doing pacemaker operations that afternoon, and was able to get me in.

So I went in for a checkup and I came out from surgery with a new pacemaker. : | Ok then!

The worst of it (which was last night) is over. Unfortunately though, they needed to slice through my pectoral muscle to put in the pacemaker and now I'm having a rough time using my arm to do daily tasks u_u And it's quite painful.
Fortunately for me it isn't nearly as bad as what happened in January, and I should be healed in about a week. u7u I hope. hehe.

And now I'm good for 10 years! Because that's how long these things last ^7^-

I hope everyone is having a good holiday!! I may be opening up commissions late next month ;;owo;; So keep an eye out for it if you're intersted. ///<3

PS. Thank you to everyone who joined the letter project. I had a really fun time with it. I still need to write up the letters tho, ehe.

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Christmas Letters Project! (CLOSED)

Wed Dec 18, 2013, 10:34 AM

Contest now closed! I have contacted the six winners via note.
Thank you everyone for entering! You're all sweethearts ; w ; :heart:

Hello, all~~ <3 Christmas is only a week away and I'm feeling very festive so I wanted to give back something to my watchers.

Something I've always loved is the idea of Christmas cards... but I don't know enough people to send out Christmas cards (LOL) so what I think is who would appreciate it more than my watchers. ^7^

Unfortunately I can't do it for everyone, so I'll do a draw for seven final people (I changed it).

The only rules are that you have to be comfortable giving away your address. xD; (You can live anywhere in the world.)
This probably seems ultra creepy, but it's not-!! I just want to spread the festive cheer and give something back to my watchers (something I haven't done in awhile).

To join, all you need to do is comment on this journal entry! ^v^

Holidays What you'll receive in your Christmas package Holidays 
-Hand written letter
-Three mini-prints
-Original sketch

The prints I'll be giving out are my portrait series prints (these are the only ones left in stock)~

Portrait Series: 02. Homura Akemi by oceantann Portrait Series: 01. Madoka Kaname by oceantann Portrait Series: 11. Megpoid Gumi by oceantann Portrait Series: 09. Octavia by oceantann Portrait Series: 08. Vinyl Scratch by oceantann 
Portrait Series: 10. Usagi Tsukino by oceantann Portrait Series: 07. Lumpy Space Princess by oceantann Portrait Series: 04. Finn the Human by oceantann Portrait Series: 05. Princess Bubblegum by oceantann Happy Easter 2013 by oceantann

Each winner will get three different prints(or less than, if you don't want three). ^//7//^
I'm looking forward to writing up letters /// Hahah I have such a stationery obsession, seriously.

It will end tomorrow night: December 19th, 10pm EST. ^o^

Good luck and Happy Holidays!! :heart:

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MILK (online manga) posted!!

Thu Dec 12, 2013, 11:57 AM

So I have good news!! And bad news.. LOL;;

The prologue of my original manga is complete and up online, [HERE]

MILK★ is about idol groups in the year 2275, and the culture and conspiracies that surround them. It's a very sci-fi setting, with cute girls and dystopian concepts (which I lllllllove ahhahaha) ~~ I love cute happy things that make me smile.. but I also love UNDER-LYING SECRET FUCKING WEIRD CONCEPTS *____* (what have I become)

Uhm, unfortunately, for the bad news.. OTL|||
MILK isn't something that I can keep doing as a manga format. :c (At least, not for now)
I did this prologue mainly as a personal goal to see how I could do and what I could do with it. I loved making it, but it is just too much work for not enough reward u___u Maybe when I have a stable income it's something I could tackle. Actually, I would love that. >o<' But until further notice, it's on hiatus.

The characters are still very important to me and I will probably continue to draw them :heart: So if you would ever like to draw them too, that's cool with me!! ^o^

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Just a little update about what’s been going on in my life lately! Since Idk, I haven’t been around. Stressuuuuuuuuuuu

I write most of my personal stuff these days on my blog, so if you have a Tumblr, you're free to follow me. :D (Actually most of this babble is shit I've pmuch already written in my blog LOL)

Lately, I’ve been trying to look for a job. I’m spending a lot of my time just kinda trying to get out and talk to people, approach others, take every chance I get, answer the phone when it rings, etc. Lots of things I never let myself do before (I am a very shy person; I have anxiety issues, etc). I think even just handing out the few couple of resumes that I have has given me even more confidence than I had two months ago. I may even have a potential interview! *o*;;

But I guess :iconalexisneo: is coming over tomorrow, so I’m really excited for that LKDSG.

Something I've mentioned on my blog, is that currently I am working on an artbook. >///< I'm not going to reveal too much yet since I don't know the deadline of it just yet, but I'm working really hard on it!! o`7o Also, sometime in January, I will opening up a contest linked to the artbook, so stay tuned~ ////

However (as usual,being an artist) money is still tight. OTL|||| Winters are really hard.
In the meantime, I am still (and forever) taking orders in my shop and used store! ^///^

If I have enough cash come pre-order time for the book, I may include a preorder bonus of some exclusive pencil cases, too. *o*; I’ll have to see!

Some WIPs for the project!:




Oh YEAH, and I am really, really, REALLY, REALLY into Florence + The Machine’s music. Like new favorite artist. The second album still needs to grow on me maybe, but omfg, I’ve listen to the first album ten times now. Absolute love!!! Jesus. I haven’t loved an artist this much since Ellie Goulding.
My favorite songs are……. lol, it’s hard because I love all of them.
Dog Days, Rabbit Heart, Swimming, Howl, Drumming Song, Cosmic Heart, Between Two Lungs, Falling, & Bird Song. Yesssssssss.

Thank you for reading. Daisuki to you all!

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Hello, everyone!! So I've been thinking about it for awhile, but I'm finally re-releasing my colouring book digitally! \o/
Originally this was a book I released in 2012, which came in physical book format and included a copic marker tutorial, which I still have up in my shop for sale.
But now it is available in my shop via digitally! \o/ So no shipping costs, plus you get the high res versions of all of the files! Plus, it's down 50% from the physical copy *uwu* (And the copic tutorial is included as well!)

The book includes over 30 linearts which I drew in 2012, so they have a lot more of my shiny-desu style (lol).
The files come in a zip in jpegs.

(After your purchase, a link will be sent to the e-mail you used to pay with via Paypal. If you want it sent to a different email, please note otherwise in the note section through payment!)

Thank you as always!

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Canterlot Con Nov 16-17

Thu Nov 14, 2013, 9:16 PM

Hello~! I will be attending Canterlot this weekend (a pony con taking place in Mississauga, Ontario!) and I will be selling all of my prints~ I'll be at table U!! Hope you'll stop by!! >7<'

This is my first con I've attended completely by myself.. (no boyfriend Ichi to help me lol) so I'm kinda nervous, wah~~
Actually, I've signed up for G-Anime and Con-G (wtf G's) in both Gatineau and Geulph respectively, so you may also see me there~

I posted some pics on my blog of some stuff I was working on tonight for the con, so here you go~

A new button stand!


Yup, that's all for now. Ciaaaaaao~!! :heart:

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After I think a month or so of set-up... I finally have 'Ocean & Ichi's Closet' running! x'D

Ichi (my boyfriend) as us have been living together for three years now~ we've more or less discovered where we want to take our lives, and the things we need to sacrifice to do so u_u We need money and need to get rid of a lot of our stuff to make our moving process easier (whenever it is we are moving, hopefully within the next few years).

Anyway, I have a lot of my clothes up! Lots of fairy-kei, decora, wigs & accessories~
I also have lots of anime stuff, such as figures/posts/calenders/books/magazines!

I collected a lot of stuff the past 5 years... you could even call me a slight hoarder. > u >
But finally I am prioritizing my life, and I want all my old things to find happy new homes!! I hope that you will take a look at my stuff~

If there is something you really want and cannot pay by Paypal/credit card, I also accept cash through mail and check through mail, just send me a note and let me know!!
However, it is first-come-first-serve in payment.

Click below:

I also have this Chu Churam figure up on ebay. ^^ It's damaged, but I am trying to see if I can get some extra money for it before I put it up in the shop.

I also have my print shop which is always open, which you can click in the link section below.

Thank you so much always for you support~~~~~! :heart:


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Livestreaming: Offline

Wed Sep 18, 2013, 10:15 AM

Livestream: Off

Wait 5 seconds & support me:


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Hi!! Today I'm pimping one of my friends and raising awareness towards a good cause~! Please check out my friends~!

:iconmzzazn: is doing discounted fundraiser commissions to pay for volunteer work at a Kenyan orphanage~ (please read all of the info [HERE] )
It's for a great cause and the commissions are butt cheap and she's almost reached her goal!! :heart:

Also, one of my online besties, :iconmagicalsakura: is doing a lot of great things with her art these days so I really want to pimp her out and share her shiny magical art with all of you ^o^

She is working on a game~ the demo is here:
Faithfully Yours: Demo1.0 by MagicalSakura

And she also just completed her first doujin-to-order (which I proof-read ww) which features NessoxFiona from Black Wolves Saga ' u ' I am not into otome games, but she is very much involved in the otome fandom, so if you are interested, please check out her work~!

<da:thumb id="398731697"/>

That's all for now! I am trucking away at my manga currently, hehe~


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Follow me on Twitter~! + Manga WIPs

Thu Sep 5, 2013, 7:58 PM

TL;DR Twitter link here: [LINK]

Hi all~!
I feel so bad I haven't been very active lately, especially on livestream. I miss it!! I was travelling a lot during August though, and now I'm visiting home (my parent's house); and I've been having a hard time with the passing of my dog. I can't wait to go home (my apartment lol) and just settle in and cook my own food and be in my own space. *m*;;; And blast my tunes haha

I do however tweet from time to time; since I can do it from my phone so I do it a lot when I'm out haha. (I tend to tweet on the bus if I'm feeling nervous and I need to do something to make myself look busy lol)
I think I publicised (made a journal) about my twitter when I first got it which was years ago. So I've had it for awhile~

Also lately I've been posting a lot of WIPs of my upcoming manga and original works!! : D It'll be an online manga as well! I really look forward to showing everyone.
Here are the WIPs so far (it's going to be a sci-fi manga; can you tell):

(promo image wip) strawberriiiiiiiiiiiiesssss!!!

So that's all I gotta show you. ' 7 ' Ciao friends! :heart:


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Otakuthon/Current Vacation Recap

Wed Aug 21, 2013, 10:22 AM

Hello guys~~ I have a couple minutes (while I am currently mentally working off my hangover) to write a recap of the con before I head off to FanExpo, so here I go~

After being in the hospital for so long this year, and I spent a lot of time inside not socializing (unhealthy lifestyle) I was worried how I would handle the con and staying with :iconalexisneo: (where I was crashing + my tablemate) but it worked out swimmingly!! I love her dearly... T 7 T ~~ Please do check out her art! She's very under-rated~

(Our table)

Met the usual :star: Otakuthon Cast :star:
:iconhinoraito: :iconlittleriyu: :iconcareko: :iconmoved2-lavender-iced: :iconpeachmaiden: !! 

And some other people *_______*
:iconlolisoup: - was so nice to finally meet you aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh AHHHHHHHH I REALLY WANTED THAT BUBBLINE PRINT. I WAS THINKING ABOUT IT BEFORE I EVEN CAME HERE CRIES
:icondestinyblue: - omg......... my European dream girlfriend. basically. Thank you for the extra print u/////u
:iconhitsukuya: & :iconminyatto: Thanks for the keychains and prints! TT 7 TT<3
:iconakimiya: Thank you for the PPG thing! TT u TT
:iconcareko: Thank you for letting me use part of your stand *o*; Considering getting a set-up like that.......

AND ESPECIALLY thank you to everyone who stopped buy, looked, bought my stuff, or just took a card!! I always appreciate the support :heart:

I went out for ramen on Saturday night with :iconalexisneo:, her sis, :iconmoved2-lavender-iced: and :icondestinyblue:. Was so good! I ate the whole bowl! I was really proud LOL but afterwards.... hahaha....

Sunday was probably the best for sales! And the most running around I did. I didn't even buy anything at the con! (Besides 2 prints...) Usually I want to buy plushies and shirts and crap left and right, but my bag was so packed for both Otakuthon and FanExpo that I probs shouldn't get anything else lol... probably good for my wallet too..;;

Actually, I took a break to go check out the Lolita swap meet, and karaoke was going on at the same time in the next room -- and there was only two people in line, so I gave it a go!! I sang Renai Circulation and got all of the lyrics.. and got a big cheer at the end! Pretty proud of myself actually hEH;;

Sunday night :iconalexisneo: & :iconmoved2-lavender-iced: & I went out for drinks and all got super smashed LOL;; I was the 'ambassador' of the night (how) .....ordering us drinks?? (P proud, I don't usually do that) I even gave the bartenders a couple of malfunctioning twitchy winks and got us three shots for free. HEH/// Ok not really the winks tho lol

Spent Monday getting over a hangover (lol) Lav slept all day, and I watched a documentary on North Korea and then went out shopping downtown with :iconalexisneo:. Got harassed by a dude looking for sponsors to help poor children -- and actually was going out of his way to make us feel bad like wtf? Alexis was like "sorry, maybe if you have a card I'll check out the site when I get home".
"Do you know how many people actually do that? Can you guess what the percentage is of people who actually go home and check out the site? 4%. Are you going to be part of that 4%?"
Like wow you're not making us wanna sponsor that kid right now jfc

Also stole a coffee from Timmies PFF but I didn't go out of my way; it was literally just sittin there and no one was taking it............


(Just a drawing I did during the trip sometime)

Also went to go see Pacific Rim that night with the girls Monday night~! (As I call them.. my dream team.... alexisneo & MOVED2-Lavender-Iced) Wtf I did a lot on Monday.
It was AMAZING *____* Such eye candy..... and Mako's past scene was very very well done... the actress was really good. So emotional.

And yesterday --


It was actually alexisneo's birthday which she held at a grand ol castle. A very expensive castle. With lots of strict rules..... which in the end, there were complications and all 40+ people were kicked out and the cops came Idfk... I don't remember, I was drunk, I danced in the streets in my kigurumi and met some cool dudes. And opened up some bottles on the side of the road and scraped up my fingers. I've never done that before hehhh

And now it's the morning after. I ate almonds for breakfast and video-called with my boyfriend. That's about it.

See you all at FanExpo tomorrow!! It'll be A107..... in the anime section.... amongst... many many artists..... it's p huge. I'll be sharing with :iconmoved2-lavender-iced:, so if you can find me as my half table, please stop by~~~ thank you for readin~


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Otakuthon and FanExpo!

Mon Aug 12, 2013, 8:46 PM

Hey bros!! Otakuthon (in Montreal) is this coming weekend, and FanExpo (in Toronto) is the weekend after. I'll be in the artist alley for both. I'm going to be dead after FE... I've never done two cons in a row before. My respect to people who went to Otakon the weekend before. >o<;

I will be at table 228 with :iconalexisneo: (as usual~ :heart:) in the premium artist alley. We will not be facing the dealers room this year. T~~T
Please drop by!! >u<
(Sick ass drawing by alexisneo huhu)

As for FanExpo I'll be tabling with :iconmoved2-lavender-iced: at table A107.

Here is the merch I will have lined up for these cons!

11x17 prints:
Bad Little Boy by oceantann Mikasa by oceantann Punish by oceantann  Bubbline Romance by oceantann  Bottle Dreams by oceantann Sword Art by oceantann First and Second Children by oceantann MLP : FiM - Lavender Seperation by oceantann Free! - Puppies, kittens, and an insect by oceantann

8.5x11 prints:
Rainbow Dash : Laze by oceantann Twilight Sparkle : Pristine by oceantann Applejack : Relax by oceantann Rarity : Beauty by oceantann Pinkie Pie : Party by oceantann Fluttershy : Dreaming by oceantann I'm Catbug by oceantann Anime North 2013 - Momiji Maid by oceantann Hipster Friends by oceantann BIRTHDAY by oceantann  Flaming Love -edit- by oceantann

And buttons!:

(My new Titan buttons are now available in my Storenvy:…)

Hope you'll all stop by~~! Can't wait to see you all ;; 7 ;;


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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