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Otakuthon/Current Vacation Recap

Wed Aug 21, 2013, 10:22 AM

Hello guys~~ I have a couple minutes (while I am currently mentally working off my hangover) to write a recap of the con before I head off to FanExpo, so here I go~

After being in the hospital for so long this year, and I spent a lot of time inside not socializing (unhealthy lifestyle) I was worried how I would handle the con and staying with :iconalexisneo: (where I was crashing + my tablemate) but it worked out swimmingly!! I love her dearly... T 7 T ~~ Please do check out her art! She's very under-rated~

(Our table)

Met the usual :star: Otakuthon Cast :star:
:iconhinoraito: :iconlittleriyu: :iconcareko: :iconlavender-ice: :iconpeachmaiden: !! 

And some other people *_______*
:iconlolisoup: - was so nice to finally meet you aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh AHHHHHHHH I REALLY WANTED THAT BUBBLINE PRINT. I WAS THINKING ABOUT IT BEFORE I EVEN CAME HERE CRIES
:icondestinyblue: - omg......... my European dream girlfriend. basically. Thank you for the extra print u/////u
:iconhitsukuya: & :iconminyatto: Thanks for the keychains and prints! TT 7 TT<3
:iconakimiya: Thank you for the PPG thing! TT u TT
:iconcareko: Thank you for letting me use part of your stand *o*; Considering getting a set-up like that.......

AND ESPECIALLY thank you to everyone who stopped buy, looked, bought my stuff, or just took a card!! I always appreciate the support :heart:

I went out for ramen on Saturday night with :iconalexisneo:, her sis, :iconlavender-ice: and :icondestinyblue:. Was so good! I ate the whole bowl! I was really proud LOL but afterwards.... hahaha....

Sunday was probably the best for sales! And the most running around I did. I didn't even buy anything at the con! (Besides 2 prints...) Usually I want to buy plushies and shirts and crap left and right, but my bag was so packed for both Otakuthon and FanExpo that I probs shouldn't get anything else lol... probably good for my wallet too..;;

Actually, I took a break to go check out the Lolita swap meet, and karaoke was going on at the same time in the next room -- and there was only two people in line, so I gave it a go!! I sang Renai Circulation and got all of the lyrics.. and got a big cheer at the end! Pretty proud of myself actually hEH;;

Sunday night :iconalexisneo: & :iconlavender-ice: & I went out for drinks and all got super smashed LOL;; I was the 'ambassador' of the night (how) .....ordering us drinks?? (P proud, I don't usually do that) I even gave the bartenders a couple of malfunctioning twitchy winks and got us three shots for free. HEH/// Ok not really the winks tho lol

Spent Monday getting over a hangover (lol) Lav slept all day, and I watched a documentary on North Korea and then went out shopping downtown with :iconalexisneo:. Got harassed by a dude looking for sponsors to help poor children -- and actually was going out of his way to make us feel bad like wtf? Alexis was like "sorry, maybe if you have a card I'll check out the site when I get home".
"Do you know how many people actually do that? Can you guess what the percentage is of people who actually go home and check out the site? 4%. Are you going to be part of that 4%?"
Like wow you're not making us wanna sponsor that kid right now jfc

Also stole a coffee from Timmies PFF but I didn't go out of my way; it was literally just sittin there and no one was taking it............


(Just a drawing I did during the trip sometime)

Also went to go see Pacific Rim that night with the girls Monday night~! (As I call them.. my dream team.... alexisneo & Lavender-Ice) Wtf I did a lot on Monday.
It was AMAZING *____* Such eye candy..... and Mako's past scene was very very well done... the actress was really good. So emotional.

And yesterday --


It was actually alexisneo's birthday which she held at a grand ol castle. A very expensive castle. With lots of strict rules..... which in the end, there were complications and all 40+ people were kicked out and the cops came Idfk... I don't remember, I was drunk, I danced in the streets in my kigurumi and met some cool dudes. And opened up some bottles on the side of the road and scraped up my fingers. I've never done that before hehhh

And now it's the morning after. I ate almonds for breakfast and video-called with my boyfriend. That's about it.

See you all at FanExpo tomorrow!! It'll be A107..... in the anime section.... amongst... many many artists..... it's p huge. I'll be sharing with :iconlavender-ice:, so if you can find me as my half table, please stop by~~~ thank you for readin~


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Otakuthon and FanExpo!

Mon Aug 12, 2013, 8:46 PM

Hey bros!! Otakuthon (in Montreal) is this coming weekend, and FanExpo (in Toronto) is the weekend after. I'll be in the artist alley for both. I'm going to be dead after FE... I've never done two cons in a row before. My respect to people who went to Otakon the weekend before. >o<;

I will be at table 228 with :iconalexisneo: (as usual~ :heart:) in the premium artist alley. We will not be facing the dealers room this year. T~~T
Please drop by!! >u<
(Sick ass drawing by alexisneo huhu)

As for FanExpo I'll be tabling with :iconlavender-ice: at table A107.

Here is the merch I will have lined up for these cons!

11x17 prints:
Bad Little Boy by oceantann Mikasa by oceantann Punish by oceantann  Bubbline Romance by oceantann  Bottle Dreams by oceantann Sword Art by oceantann First and Second Children by oceantann MLP : FiM - Lavender Seperation by oceantann Free! - Puppies, kittens, and an insect by oceantann

8.5x11 prints:
Rainbow Dash : Laze by oceantann Twilight Sparkle : Pristine by oceantann Applejack : Relax by oceantann Rarity : Beauty by oceantann Pinkie Pie : Party by oceantann Fluttershy : Dreaming by oceantann I'm Catbug by oceantann Anime North 2013 - Momiji Maid by oceantann Hipster Friends by oceantann BIRTHDAY by oceantann  Flaming Love -edit- by oceantann

And buttons!:

(My new Titan buttons are now available in my Storenvy:…

Hope you'll all stop by~~! Can't wait to see you all ;; 7 ;;


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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AX 2013 Recap!

Wed Jul 17, 2013, 3:05 PM

A little late, (like, 2 weeks) but lol last year I don't think I ever did one. This year was really great since I got to spend it with my girlfran, :iconharukatsune: ~~ /like the most in-denial gay couple ever
Haruka also did a recap here, I think she went into more detail than I did LOL LIKE GETTING STUCK IN GHETTO SKETCH HELL....... oman

So let us begin~ 

On the way to L.A.~

I showed up and set up Saturday so I didn't have to WAIT AT ALL LOL~~ Originally I was planning on going to the con to just be with harukatsune, but last minute the con offered me a table there so I took it. My flight was already booked though to come in Thursday and leave Sunday, so I could only make it to the con for two days.
Unfortunately with a "last minute" table, I got stuck in the back where there wasn't much flow of people. Luckily I still broke even, so thank you to everyone who stopped by!! A lot of new faces, and a couple I remember from last year! I was honoured to take pictures with people and converse. Sorry if I seemed shy, or all I really know how to say is "thank you" (lol) but I really am thankful *uwu*!

:iconyehjeaner: stopped by and gave me and Haruka these prints -- and we both freaking spazzed forever LOL//// Ahh ty so much again!! ;//o//; I'm so honoured aah I'll treasure it forever!! <3

Outfit Friday uvu
Friday was the deadest day though. Saturday was better. Every night after the con Haruka and I went to Little Tokyo~ ....yup every night LDKSF;;

Haruka's dad bought us dinner the first night (ty Harotou-san)~ the rice was really delicious, it had some sort of fishy taste to it. I've never tasted rice so flavourful! ;v;

Our hotel also had this freaking photo in it and it looks LIKE A TITAN KINDA....................... (from shingeki www)

Saturday got pretty busy here and there~! I didn't talk to many people at this con tho, pmuch just... Lavender-Ice & hitsukuya haha? And Kaze-Hime a bit..........-- riddles............ ... ..|||;;

Actually someone came by Sat and interviewed me and my boyfriend Ichi, on our fave Sailour Scout and how we're looking forward to the new series~ x'D It's up on Youtube! Ichi was at 0:26, and 2:33, and I was at 0:44 hahaha u//w//u

Actually on Saturday I got.. quite the... commission;;;;;;;;;;

These guys go around and try to commission everyone to draw this character in any sort of rendition so ..I.. did it.......... hahhahahaa/////////;;;;; I think they said they were making a calender LSDK;;

On the way back Saturday.. we passed this restaurant--
Only in America 7@;;;;;; hahahha

OH YEAH AND LIKE at some point Haruka and I were chilling in the hotel and I ..SAW.. THIS????

Saturday was chill, Ichi and I went to Little Tokyo and we parted with harukatsune u//v//u Can't wait next year to see you~~ <3
And now just for pics~!

PURIKAAAAAAA//////// I freaking love purikura;;;; psure if I was a Japanese girl I would be one of those gyaru chicks doing the karaoke and purikura after school hahaha---
I forced Haruka and Ichi into doin it with me ///~

I also bought a ton of stuff... ;; Last year I held back in my spendings because my mom and I went on the trip together but this year LOL;;; sh-shit

Kera mag, Swimmer toothbrush set, pencils/pencil case, chopsticks set, this little scrubby thing (I just like the face??), and eyeliner aka shit I do not need

Kawaii tape, make up, Swimmer suitcase tag, BB cream aka MAGIC, Miki keychain

Lil cookies(I just like the packaging obv), floral crown, stationery, eyelashes, Ims glass

Rilakkuma kigurumi ww;;;;

Ichi and I wrote on the Tanabata wish/tree thing (forget what it's called;;)~~

Ichi you freaking qt weeb

And finally~~~~

Me and :iconharukatsune:~~!
I miss you girl ;;7;; We are planning on tabling together next year for AX, so hope you guys will stop by~~ >7< /<3

Thanks for reading! :heart:


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Hello, just thought I would make a journal~~

Lavender-Ice and I are looking for a place to stay for FanExpo and wonder if anyone is looking for two more people to split with *7*/ (and if you're in the artist community/have a table at FE would probably work out well too, Idk??;; )
Note me and let me know~!

That is aaaaaaaall! ^o^ Other wise ignore this uvu


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Hi guys~!! \o/ Just popping in to check up, I've been mostly doing con-work/commissions these days. AX was really fun, I still need to do a re-cap on it~////;;

Those who are going to Fan Expo, I will be in the artist alley at A107 with Lavender-Ice! ^v^
Please stop by~! I'm going to try and make some comic stuff, heh *7*;

AS FOR A-POP --- I did sign up for an artist alley table, but currently I'm on the waiting list. However, I will be performing there. ^7^ (It's a collaboration between Pinkly Ever After and A-Pop, much like the performance I did last time) Info should be here, I don't know if it's viewable to everyone, but I hope so~!


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

Oceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantann

Hello, I'm only taking commissions for one more week, before AX! That specifically means I'm only taking people's forms (forms are shown in the commission deviation) until the 3rd of June. I can wait for payments of the commission a little bit after if need be (like a week at most). People who have sent cash through mail already, you are fine.

My commission info is below in the icon.
PLEASE read all the info in the comment section before ordering and fill out the form accordingly!!! I can't stress this enough. It's really annoying getting orders that say "I would like my character [link] but the hair be blue and in a purple dress plz and no background". I'm trying to be professional as I can here and that doesn't help me at all, so please read everything thoroughly and fill out the form in a mature/professional manner, thank you! :heart:

Oceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantannOceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantannOceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantann

Commissions will most likely be closed for the year after this! So if you want one, this is the best chance. ^o^ Thanx again.


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Going through my follow list, I felt like there were just too many under-appreciated artists I miss. So please check these guys out too! : )

I actually find it sickening at how little pageviews this guy has, LOL. Absolutely amazing atmosphere drawings, amazing lighting, backgrounds, perspective, and over-all rendering. Plus lots of dogs! : D
For Mzzy by MortMorrison Budgie Time! by MortMorrison Kingdom Carousel by MortMorrison Hot buttered popcorn gal by MortMorrison

Fresh moe style, wonderful backgrounds.
Misuse of aerial perspective by umebositora Back alley girl by umebositora  Twilight by umebositora Witch girl by umebositora

Soft moe art! Seriously so soft. I don't even see lines, I just see soffffftttt. ////
morning market by yukihomu ultimate madoka by yukihomu SeeU by yukihomu

Probably my favorite pony artist ever. The cging method is so traditional pastel styled, it's just eyecandy to look at. They also do really cute Pokemon art.
Roseluck by suikuzu your destiny by suikuzu Ninfia by suikuzu Valentines Eevee by suikuzu

Moe moe moe *0*
FanArt - anaru by zpolice lightnovel coverillust by zpolice Happy New Year 2012 by zpolice

Amaazing. Honestly words can't even express.
girl in front of a painting. by megatruh neverwonder station . by megatruh hobbit: bond . by megatruh somewhere near, but far in time. by megatruh

Akiiiii uwu Really lovely scenery drawings, and she has her own unique, desaturated type style too.
Magical Girls by Akimiya Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice by Akimiya that snow by Akimiya Startling Blue by Akimiya

I love her eye styles and how sharp everything is! The celshaded style is really nice in all the bright colours she uses, too~.
Comm: Nura by ikr Comm: shadowtsuki (2) by ikr Comm: AceRailgun by ikr

Another really nice lineless style.
apple girl by himacchi homuhomu by himacchi untitled 8 by himacchi

Another extremely under-appreciated artist. All her work is done in copics. Really amazing~!
Amor by MaryTaylor Picture 1 by MaryTaylor Fuchsia by MaryTaylor

Some very nice mecha-musume-type work in this gallery.
Space working by observerz Busou Shinki TVA by observerz Big Sorceress by observerz

Amazing traditional/digital type colouring! Is very soft and has a lot of depth at the same time.
Wish by pepperin Wind by pepperin :thumb367337838: Tent by pepperin

Great quality sketches. He does a very anime/cartoon type styles... and lots of cartoon lolis. His range is very wide though, he can draw lots of different things and his anatomy is spot on.

Hope you guys enjoyed \ o /


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Featuring some really great artists!

Thu Jun 13, 2013, 11:53 AM

I want to feature some artists today who I believe are really underrated! Some of them are friends of mine, some of them I just follow. All of them have (imo) under-appreciated talent and I think people should give them a look, if they are looking for new artists to follow ^o^

Famous for her pony art, but I generally just really love her style. At first glance it's a little stereo-typical anime, but imo she has one of the most humble and captivating anime styles I've seen. Also her expressions are fantastic. Moe and unique~!
MMM by semehammer Twilight Crackle by semehammer SWAG by semehammer

I've known Fire for a while and I always thought her art was underrated. Her style is really unique and wonderful, and her work is really clean and detailed.
Starry Eyes by Firefly-Raye Okami Brush Gods by Firefly-Raye 100000 Kiriban by Firefly-Raye 88888 Kiriban by Firefly-Raye

P-prodigy. Amazing linework and details.
Do I Love... by Carlinette Tigresse by Carlinette La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin by Carlinette

Soft, humble style! Lots of pastel colours and cute couples!
girls by aya-ume Jinkame cover by aya-ume Fashion Aholic by aya-ume Lily by aya-ume

Amazing, soft lineless style!! I love her work so much. Simple yet so so captivating!
Allegretto by cosmolade Sirens by cosmolade 1003 by cosmolade keep this night by cosmolade

AKA MangoTango (lol) a very good friend of mine who does amazing moe/shoujo type work. Very colourful and bright.
SS: Santa's Little Helper by AikasCupcake Galaxy Magical Girl by AikasCupcake You look just like a Princess! by AikasCupcake Cherry's Birthday Surprise by AikasCupcake

I've been following her for 8 years now (w-wow;; ) and her style has changed dramatically. She has amazing traditional skills~ Every piece has it's own unique charm. <3
drip by LoveSoup TWINS by LoveSoup flowers by LoveSoup flowers 2 by LoveSoup

Another girl I've known for awhile who's style has changed dramatically! Moe, but still has a really traditional/mori feel to it, although it's all done digitally.
Commission: nocturnalmiyu 6 by nemurou Commission: Jigsu3 by nemurou Commission: Vaniraa 3 by nemurou Commission: iRyoki by nemurou

A really great friend of mine~ she is amazing at multiple styles, whether it be realism/cartoon/anime, she does all three very well, and they all have their unique charm! I love all of her work no matter what it is. (It was so hard to not pick a ton of pictures for this one, haha////)
Summertime Marceline Pin-Up by alexisneo Commission_The-Moocat by alexisneo Loki by alexisneo Something Wicked... by alexisneo MLP_Group by alexisneo

She does a lot of pony work for Welovefine, but her way of replicating realism is amazing. Her colours and lighting, are just godly, really.
MLP FIM: Commission - Starbuck playing video games by hinoraito MLPSecretSanta 2012 - For di0medes by hinoraito MLP FIM Commission - Blitzstar and Celestia by hinoraito MLP FIM Commission: New Dawn in Canterlot by hinoraito

Thought I'd throw this bb in here too. She's working on an otome game right now (visual novel for girls). She's a really hard worker and her stuff is really cute~
[Repost]Puella Magi Madoka Magica by MagicalSakura BWS Fiona+Guillan by MagicalSakura A Princess and Her Knight by MagicalSakura Aspasia by MagicalSakura

Really moe-moe style. Nijiiru has potential to be a really great artist, I can't wait to see what her work looks like in a few years from now!
Happy Birthday Mayu!! by Nijiiru Bunny Cupid by Nijiiru Cutesu by Nijiiru

Thank you for looking! :heart:


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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AX 2013 (Update)

Thu Jun 6, 2013, 9:16 PM

It's only 4 days away now........!!;;;;;
For people who plan on stopping by, I will only be there Friday and Saturday!! I will not be there Thursday or Sunday, sorry!
Please come by and help me out. uwu

I am located at J40 so I will be... in the back somewhere. LOL cry

See you soon! ;w;


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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New Meloncake shop open / Print sale!

Wed May 29, 2013, 1:01 PM

Hi guys, my new online shop is now up~! I've opened it up in Storenvy. There are prints, posters, buttons, books, portrait prints, etc.

If you CAN'T pay by Paypal/VISA/online however, and wish to pay by cash through mail or check through mail, please contact me directly through note and we can work something out.
I really do need the money right now, and as of such, I will be opening up commissions next week as well. Thank you for all your support :heart:



Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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I'm now oceantan.

Mon May 27, 2013, 9:16 AM

I've been thinking about this for awhile, but, I'm now oceantan~

You're still free to refer to me as oceanchan or whatever, I still don't mind the name, especially considering I've had it for almost ten years now, I am very used to it. This was actually a really hard decision~!
But oceanchan is a little bit weeb, and oceantan is a little more subtle. But in the end, I'm still Ocean, haha uwu

And oceantan can work as like....... like.......tan on your skin. /CLEVER? idk

Yay for new beginnings. *U*/


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Hello guuuys~~~! I'm back from AN! *0*/
Uhhhhh let's see, some really BAD things happened, some really GOOD things happened, and then everything in the middle was just kinda... the same??
I'll get the bad shit over with first, since it happened at the start of the con anyway. I have already bitched about it plenty on Tumblr tho, and Idgaf I'm going to bitch about it til I die.

So, bad news first:
I entered Anime North's "mascot contest", in which the winning entry gets a free table there. The rest of the entries, the con uses on their 'Anime North brand merchandise' (or w/etf. I was aware of this and w/e I'm ok with it.
I got an e-mail after I entered, with the staff telling me they had "something in mind for my entry", and they wanted me to remove the background (the one I slaved away at, yay). For the record, this was my entry:
Anime North 2013 - Momiji Maid by oceantann
I said okay, but, I wanted to know what they were going to use it for specifically. I got a reply back saying, they'd "rather not say"............
So upon that, I said no, feeling it wasn't fair to have to edit my entry for something -they- were going to make money off of, and I couldn't even know what they were using it for.
So they said "fine, we will use it as is". So I felt good about this.

Now, this is probably the worst con experience I've had... ever? I went in to set-up my table, and I was a little late coming in, and I started to panic a little with all the people around. I guess I tend to get really nervous around people these days?? So I was like okokokok, just like, calm down take a deep breath and just sort your shit together. And as I got myself composed, I looked up, and ....STRAIGHT IN MY the merchandise table.. was my entry, on an apron, looking like this:

LOL FUSHI WTFFF.... Q___Q'''''

Lol any efforts to compose myself just crashed and burned. I had never felt so angry in my life. I literally just paced around my table trying to catch my breath for awhile. I've honestly never felt so emotionally unstaaaaaaable. This contest has given me nothing but problems.
(Actually, thing is, I entered two entries this year, and they used the other one on their Facebook page and credited me by my real name when I told them specifically not to, and they have done that twice now, so like, wtf yeah)

In conclusion, there's no legal action I can take (not that I would want to anyway, I don't have the money and it seems like just a waste really), and the rules of this contest clearly state that any entries they get, by entering, you are "handing over your rights" to let them edit it or whatever. That's fine. But then why did they ask me to edit it originally if they were just going to do it anyway, whether I complied or not? And why say they would use it "as is"?
So yeah. I pretty much told them ~in a nice way~ that this is bullshit and I wont be joining the contest again, at least as long as it's under those regulations.

So that's the bad part.
I'll continue with the rest now!! uwu

Friday, I ended up tabling next to :iconkaiser-mony: which is pretty cool since we *kinda* went to school together? And somehow ended up next to each other.
My outfit Friday lol:

The table~

I think it almost looks like ~cool~ with those two girls standing there somehow lol ahhaa;;;

Ah, another thing I got to do Friday, was go get Eriko Nakamura's autograph! She does Haruka's voice in Idolmster. And I got a photo~! I was so nervous ;;o;; But more on that later, actually! ~to be continued~

I hung out with :iconmorwenhelyanwe: Friday night. I think we... what. Ate and sat in the hallway? LOL /living the life/

Saturday was my loli day~ I went to the lolita photoshoot, and hung out with cadney and lanii in their hotel Saturday night. They were saying in the Double Tree... I had never been there before! What a nice view. I'd really like to get a room there sometime, pretty convenient ;; w ;;
My Saturday outfit:

I also met up with :iconaikascupcake: Saturday night for a little bit, she was nice enough to come hang out with me for awhile at the DT. ; u ; She was cosplaying Kuroneko, and looked so cuuuuuuute~~~
..........we also took pretty great selfies LSKFSG sorry I can't get over this

Sunday morning uhhhh how was I aliiiiive??...... God Idek how I'm still alive right now lol.
But ......the BEST thing about the WHOLE weekend happened today, and it made the whole con worth it. ;; w ;;
I was chilling at my table and Eriko-san was just sort of looking around, and the translator was with her who recognized me from yesterday. So, she ended up coming to my table, and she said she liked my work and my Sailor Moon picture and aaaaahhhhh omggggggg ;/////////o////////;!!!!!! I seriously regret not offering her free art now, I was so starstuck, ugh;;;;;;;
After she left I pmuch cried of happiness. LOL;; WAHH SHE WAS SO CUUUTE TT u TT;; Yeah that made the whole con worth it for me. ;u;

And this was my Sunday outfit~!

I literally bought next to nothing, like, a little plush, a bracelet, and a headband, bahaha. I'm... so in debt now I can't... like.. do..that.. speaking of debt (l-lol) I will be opening my print sale very soon in my storenvy; all of my prints should be up within the next few days! <3

By the end of the con, there were so many people I wanted to print trade with, but. I was too chickenshit to ask them?? (like...I am... every year bahaha)

Some people I met~! *^v^*

:iconjiayi: - I meant to come print trade with you, but the time I was doing my rounds I think your stand was down and I couldn't find yoooouuu gaahhh--!;; Maybe at Otakuthon uwu Hope to see you soon~
:iconakimiya: - bahaha omg /tells life story/ Thanks for chatting with me for the... one-two minutes that we did, you seem really cool and down to earth, yeaah!! ;//7//; ! <3 Thanks for trading with me! ///
:iconxhiro:&:iconaka-shiro:&:iconhitsukuya:&:iconkaze-hime: ...Like ultimate quartet of perfect art/cuteness?? You guys were always busy ahaha so I didn't really stop by much but it was nice seeing you~  ^v^
:iconyolichan: Baaahhhh cutiiiiiieeeeee THANKS FOR THE ERASER omg lifesaver haha /////~ ;w; Thanks for the print trade~!
:iconbunnypopcorn: omfg so cute i love you hahahaha ty for stopping by, you're great ;; v;;
:iconxxselly: =u= ily babe. thanks for stopping by so much<33 im so sorry to hear what happened about the prints-! . _. <3
I guess I didn't talk to many people this year, a lot of people I know didn't even go lol hm.

And ofc, met a ton of wonderful people who stopped by the table. You're all really so nice to me and so great and so sweet, and all I can really ever say is thank you! Honestly I probably said thank you like ten thousand times this weekend LOL;; Wahhh//////~

So yea! My print sale will be up in a couple of days :heart:


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Anime North tomorrow-!

Sat May 11, 2013, 2:08 PM

I'm..... so........ scared.............???? Lol I'm nervous about how well I will do.
This is the new print line up I have for this year~

A few people asked, and yes, I will have my old Pony prints year. They are very limited though. This will probably be the last con I am selling them at, so this is your only chance to get them~
And for now, here's a few pics of my crunch time!! >u<;;

As I said before, I lucked out and somehow got a great spot this year! I'm at A16 this year.
I'll be right in front of the dealer's room entrance - or exit - depending on how they set it up this year. I'm facing a wall, either way. LOL;;

:iconoceantann: @ A16

See you guys soooooooon!!! *U* I'll take tons of pics and make an update after the weekend!


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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BIA4 Keychains~~

Tue Apr 30, 2013, 10:34 AM

Hello, just helping promote my friend's girlfriend's fuck buddy's romantic interest, harukatsune, and some B1A4 keychains she's making! She does lots of k-pop art and it's all really cute and stuff so please check her stuff out~ ^0^-
Just don't check her out if you know what I mean. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ



Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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WIPS/Sherlock Idk??

Sun Apr 28, 2013, 11:55 AM

Lol I keep getting birthday messages, so I think if I get that birthday thing off my front page, then maybe they'll die down. ( ̄ω ̄; )

Here, have some WIPs.

Also, I finally watched Sherlock yesterday/today. I'm on the last ep now. ;_;

The fandom is a little scary… and I'm used to Sherlock as more of a scruffy man, less pretty boy (because I've seen the films with RDJ), and I also think that look suits his character more. So I'm not a huge huge fan of Cumberbatch. I feel like I'm looking at a Hipster Holmes. Still good though.
Not bad. Just… different.

I think I enjoy this Watson more than the films too, he's less tsundere, hahahahahahaha /shot
I also went into it expecting it to not be… modernized. So that caught me by surprise.

Other than that, good. ^0^ Well written, interest, deep, solid 8/10~
Maybe I'll do some fanart. But I don't think my art really fits it well. I'll give it a go, though!

Ok, have a good day!!! >v<


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Birthday gifts, thank you!!

Wed Apr 24, 2013, 9:38 AM

Today is my birthday! uwu

I'm turning....... 12 again, somehow. I haven't gone to see the doctor about it yet as to why I don't age, but I mean, I'm sure it can't be a bad thing.

e u e

Every time I get gifts from people and I like keeping them all nice and concise together so I will be putting them all here!  ;;w;; Thank you guys so much~~!
HBD Oshii baby. by xxSellyHappy Birthday Ocean! by AikasCupcakeHappy Birthday Ocean~! by AruTeruOceanbirthday by Oblibious-neesanOcean Chan by Seizure-Saladsocean's 12th by Mistress-SquidsyHAPPY BIRTHDAY OCEANCHAN! by HanaIchigo94Happy birthday by DebsNomsOnUHappy Birthday Ocean-chan~! by MuruNamikoHappy Birthday Ocean! by Hawaiian-BritHappy birthday Ocean-Chan by Jau-chanHappy Birthday Oceann by imagine-art-21614Birthday gift by Cross-gauge

Besides that, I really miss being more interactive with every one. >m< It's hard to find time on my own any more to livestream. I guess I have been spending a lot of my time on Tumblr. A lot of people have been asking for my private Tumblr and I can't seem to keep up with the notes QQ; So for a short time, here it is!

Umm.. I've been in such an art crisis lately. I'm not sure what I want my art to look like. I want to tone down certain things, but I also want to rebuild on it. So I'm sorry my art's been so confusing for awhile. I am just confused as an artist. Q__Q' It's really quite frustrating.
That being said I still have plenty of stuff to come.. I am just working on trying to be more original, maybe. I'm not sure. ;u;

ALSO, I will be opening commissions in June! People have been asking about them! (wao) So if you're interested in a commission, please have money ready by then. <3

Thank you always for your support :heart:


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Hello guys o/
So I'll be at Anime North 2013. I was lucky enough to get a table in the first 50. Surprising.

(I don't have a table partner, but, I have been looking around for someone who has a table at AX that would share with me and I could split the half of my AN table with them! Please note me if you're interested.)

So I'm working hard on lots of prints right now >o<;! Mainly SAO and Adventure Time stuff right now, now that I have finished my ponies. Speaking of ponies....

A lot of people have been giving me their feedback on my "new" style compared to my "old" style. I am proud of it's more realistic attributes but, it just isn't me, really. Another thing with those pony prints is that I began them before I was put in the hospital, and I think the long break/sudden style change really made the style look "confused".
So, I've decided, I'm reverting back to my old ways of colouring. Not completely, but, I think I've finally found a nice balance. (I tried moreso in y Twilight picture, which I'll post Monday and you will see~)
But it is always exciting to try different things. I just need more bright shades, I need more happiness and sharp eye-blinding colours!! ineedthem!!
So after these pony prints are over, you will see more shiny-desu from me.  (◡‿◡✿)

What's weird is what people "critiqued" my work on, was what the majority of my fanbase liked anyway, I think. Funny how that works.

Now I am gonna go draw and watch Les Misrables and 2001: A space odyssey and Fear and Loathing Las Vegas and eat homemade sphagetti until I die.


More info coming soon.

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New Pony Prints coming every week~

Thu Mar 14, 2013, 11:11 AM

Hello! o/ My reign has started!!(?) I'm pretty much completely back on my feet now, the only thing I cannot do well is run/jump/hold myself up. But I have been doing a lot of sitting on my ass making art. ^u^ d
Last year I made a lot of very bright shiny pony prints. I'm working on new ones this year, and they are actually turning out vastly different.

They're not quite as bright before.... which is what I actually liked about my art. It's weird. I was getting a lot of critiques on my style that I need to learn to "shade properly" and "tone down the brightness", and I've tried it, and I don't like it. Can I go back to the old way now?
I might really go back in on these and play with the colours. But feel free to let me know what you think!

All that being SAAAAID~~~ here's a closer look at some other things and when I plan to post them!

Every Saturday, I'm going to post a new Pony print, and at the same time take the 2012 one out of storage (since I know lots have been asking about that). I'm also working on two new Adventure Time prints and I might try for an SAO one too. ;u; I have a lot of work to do kfdjgflh.

Also, I have a table confirmed at Anime North 2013! I managed to get in first-come-first-serve, somehow..;;
I haven't been confirmed at AX yet though -- so I've been kind of keeping my eyes open for someone who a.) wants half of my AN table & b.) has a table at AX and would be willing to share with me. Like a traaaade. *u*;

Thanks everyone for having patience with me. \o/ New art is coming real soon~


More info coming soon.

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First before getting onto the event news, I would like to thank the hundreds of people who have been sending me all these messages while I've been in the hospital. You have really helped me a bunch in my recovery. I hope to be back kickin' real soon. ^3^ (Hopefully getting out of here Sunday.)

As for the event...

The event is called "Before 12'O Clock", it's being held at The Annex WreckRoom (794 Bathurst St) in Toronto, Canada, on May 3rd!
The event highlights the sweet side of Japanese fashion; eg. fairy-kei, sweet lolita, magical girl style, idol fasion, or "any mixture of your choice to show off your signiture look~ ♥" Those attending are encouraged to dress up!

:: Before 12 O'Clock :: event schedule
- Pinkly Ever After Fashion Show
- Photoshoots
- Harajuku Fashion Panels
- Music
- Live Performances
- Flea Market
- Indie Brand Sales Stands
- Auctions
- Prizes

Those who attended Anime North may be familliar with Pinkly Ever After as they are the same girls who are in the local idol group "Pinku Project" and performed there last year.

The most exciting news (for me, haha) is that not only was I invited to sell my art there, but also perform there~! (ノ>▽<。)ノ;;;; So yes, I will be part of the "live performances", haha........
I'll be singing 4 songs sometime between 10pm~11pm. (If you are interested in listening to my singing, I have some posted on my blog, here, lol:… I'm not the best singer in the world, but, I like it, and I think that's enough. >7>;
I am going to try and learn a little bit of dance routine too. o////A////o;;;;;;
I am a very shy person but singing in front of a crowd has always been a dream of mine. I wont be a pro, but, I'll do my very best. (*/∇\*)
For those who wont be able to make it, I'll try to get a recording of my performance.;;;;;;

See more info on the Facebook page here!

Haha, when Robin first asked me if I wanted to sing for the event... I was like........

Pretty much. Since it's my dream. (◡‿◡✿)
It was just a DREAM, though, it was something I've never really worked on, or worked towards, so it's something I thought I'd attain. ;; I'm going to be going into without any proper training or anything. ;;; I'm gonna be freaking nervous omg.

Anyway, the event over all is going to be really cool, a lot of big "lolita" & "fashion" names are going to be there including Cadney, Criic, and Tempest Paige. ^u^ Other performances will also include Berry Risa (from Pinku Project), Baby Sugar, Dokidoki Hime, and possibly Yukapon if she is able to make it.
Very exciting 。:゚(。≧▽≦。)゚・。

Thank you for reading! \o/


More info coming soon.

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Tue Feb 19, 2013, 9:07 AM

Yeah... I know right.

I was dispatched from the hospital January 25th, and I was doing absolutely fine. What pisses me off the most is I JUST went for my follow up appointment with the surgeon Friday - everything was perfect - and the very next day I got an infection. What the fuck.

When I started feeling the pain Saturday I pretty much freaked out. I was so angry. In all honestly I've probably suffered from more psychological trauma then any physical pain. After I went home in January, I was starting to feel bouts of paranoia; like I'm very convinced I'll have health problems constantly for the rest of my life. Because that's how it has been so far.

Just when I was starting to feel better and shake off the feeling of paranoia; right when I was starting to feel a bit better, this happened, and I needed to go back to the hospital. I was fucking furious, and scared; I'm actually at the point where I'm worried about my actual lifespan, just because I'm so paranoid. Not to mention all the CT scans I've had in the past month and how much radiation I've been exposed to.

The worst part of this is just how much I've lost grasp of my rational mind. I'm fully convinced that my future health will be bad and my family and friends haven't been able to make me feel otherwise, even if that's the way I'd like to think myself.

Any....way, I didn't actually mean to get into the actual psychological side of it SIGH. But here's the physical!

Turns out where my intestines were sewn up, a little hole has broke, or something like that, so what happened was a lot of the waste inside leaked out into the rest of my body.......... Gross.
Luckily I went into the hospital only an hour after the pain started instead of waiting a bit so I think I caught it fairly early. I've been on antibiotics for about 2 full days, and I've noticed some improvement in my movement so I think they're working. But I don't want to be too hopeful... Last time that happened I GOT AN INFECTION, LOL

My alternate options (if the antibiotics don't work) are absolutely disgusting so I don't even wanna talk about them lmao. I just pray these antibiotics will do the trick. If all goes well, I should be out of here by the end of the week.

I would also like to give a shout out to all my friends in Underboob (which is what we call our little group lmao) who have really been helping me through this. (All their icons are at the bottom of the journal) ILY guys with all my heart TuT

I'm going to end this journal off with some good news! Anybody who lives in the Toronto (Canada) area and who is interested in sweet Lolita/fairy kei/Japanese fashion, I will be taking part in a very cool event happening early May. It's very very exciting, aha, not only will I be selling my art but I will also be performing (singing) there. I wil give lots more info in my next journal entry so please stay turned *___*

Love you guys u v u. And thank you always for the constant support!

P.S. I've been usin my Twitter more lately so you can follow me there if you want. Also I'm aware I still have a lot of notes to get back to on my private Tumblr, sorry about that~~~ soon soon


More info coming soon.

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