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Christmas Letters Project! (CLOSED)

Wed Dec 18, 2013, 10:34 AM

Contest now closed! I have contacted the six winners via note.
Thank you everyone for entering! You're all sweethearts ; w ; :heart:

Hello, all~~ <3 Christmas is only a week away and I'm feeling very festive so I wanted to give back something to my watchers.

Something I've always loved is the idea of Christmas cards... but I don't know enough people to send out Christmas cards (LOL) so what I think is who would appreciate it more than my watchers. ^7^

Unfortunately I can't do it for everyone, so I'll do a draw for seven final people (I changed it).

The only rules are that you have to be comfortable giving away your address. xD; (You can live anywhere in the world.)
This probably seems ultra creepy, but it's not-!! I just want to spread the festive cheer and give something back to my watchers (something I haven't done in awhile).

To join, all you need to do is comment on this journal entry! ^v^

Holidays What you'll receive in your Christmas package Holidays 
-Hand written letter
-Three mini-prints
-Original sketch

The prints I'll be giving out are my portrait series prints (these are the only ones left in stock)~

Portrait Series: 02. Homura Akemi by oceantann Portrait Series: 01. Madoka Kaname by oceantann Portrait Series: 11. Megpoid Gumi by oceantann Portrait Series: 09. Octavia by oceantann Portrait Series: 08. Vinyl Scratch by oceantann 
Portrait Series: 10. Usagi Tsukino by oceantann Portrait Series: 07. Lumpy Space Princess by oceantann Portrait Series: 04. Finn the Human by oceantann Portrait Series: 05. Princess Bubblegum by oceantann Happy Easter 2013 by oceantann

Each winner will get three different prints(or less than, if you don't want three). ^//7//^
I'm looking forward to writing up letters /// Hahah I have such a stationery obsession, seriously.

It will end tomorrow night: December 19th, 10pm EST. ^o^

Good luck and Happy Holidays!! :heart:

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MILK (online manga) posted!!

Thu Dec 12, 2013, 11:57 AM

So I have good news!! And bad news.. LOL;;

The prologue of my original manga is complete and up online, [HERE]

MILK★ is about idol groups in the year 2275, and the culture and conspiracies that surround them. It's a very sci-fi setting, with cute girls and dystopian concepts (which I lllllllove ahhahaha) ~~ I love cute happy things that make me smile.. but I also love UNDER-LYING SECRET FUCKING WEIRD CONCEPTS *____* (what have I become)

Uhm, unfortunately, for the bad news.. OTL|||
MILK isn't something that I can keep doing as a manga format. :c (At least, not for now)
I did this prologue mainly as a personal goal to see how I could do and what I could do with it. I loved making it, but it is just too much work for not enough reward u___u Maybe when I have a stable income it's something I could tackle. Actually, I would love that. >o<' But until further notice, it's on hiatus.

The characters are still very important to me and I will probably continue to draw them :heart: So if you would ever like to draw them too, that's cool with me!! ^o^

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Just a little update about what’s been going on in my life lately! Since Idk, I haven’t been around. Stressuuuuuuuuuuu

I write most of my personal stuff these days on my blog, so if you have a Tumblr, you're free to follow me. :D (Actually most of this babble is shit I've pmuch already written in my blog LOL)

Lately, I’ve been trying to look for a job. I’m spending a lot of my time just kinda trying to get out and talk to people, approach others, take every chance I get, answer the phone when it rings, etc. Lots of things I never let myself do before (I am a very shy person; I have anxiety issues, etc). I think even just handing out the few couple of resumes that I have has given me even more confidence than I had two months ago. I may even have a potential interview! *o*;;

But I guess :iconalexisneo: is coming over tomorrow, so I’m really excited for that LKDSG.

Something I've mentioned on my blog, is that currently I am working on an artbook. >///< I'm not going to reveal too much yet since I don't know the deadline of it just yet, but I'm working really hard on it!! o`7o Also, sometime in January, I will opening up a contest linked to the artbook, so stay tuned~ ////

However (as usual,being an artist) money is still tight. OTL|||| Winters are really hard.
In the meantime, I am still (and forever) taking orders in my shop and used store! ^///^

If I have enough cash come pre-order time for the book, I may include a preorder bonus of some exclusive pencil cases, too. *o*; I’ll have to see!

Some WIPs for the project!:




Oh YEAH, and I am really, really, REALLY, REALLY into Florence + The Machine’s music. Like new favorite artist. The second album still needs to grow on me maybe, but omfg, I’ve listen to the first album ten times now. Absolute love!!! Jesus. I haven’t loved an artist this much since Ellie Goulding.
My favorite songs are……. lol, it’s hard because I love all of them.
Dog Days, Rabbit Heart, Swimming, Howl, Drumming Song, Cosmic Heart, Between Two Lungs, Falling, & Bird Song. Yesssssssss.

Thank you for reading. Daisuki to you all!

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Hello, everyone!! So I've been thinking about it for awhile, but I'm finally re-releasing my colouring book digitally! \o/
Originally this was a book I released in 2012, which came in physical book format and included a copic marker tutorial, which I still have up in my shop for sale.
But now it is available in my shop via digitally! \o/ So no shipping costs, plus you get the high res versions of all of the files! Plus, it's down 50% from the physical copy *uwu* (And the copic tutorial is included as well!)

The book includes over 30 linearts which I drew in 2012, so they have a lot more of my shiny-desu style (lol).
The files come in a zip in jpegs.

(After your purchase, a link will be sent to the e-mail you used to pay with via Paypal. If you want it sent to a different email, please note otherwise in the note section through payment!)

Thank you as always!

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Canterlot Con Nov 16-17

Thu Nov 14, 2013, 9:16 PM

Hello~! I will be attending Canterlot this weekend (a pony con taking place in Mississauga, Ontario!) and I will be selling all of my prints~ I'll be at table U!! Hope you'll stop by!! >7<'

This is my first con I've attended completely by myself.. (no boyfriend Ichi to help me lol) so I'm kinda nervous, wah~~
Actually, I've signed up for G-Anime and Con-G (wtf G's) in both Gatineau and Geulph respectively, so you may also see me there~

I posted some pics on my blog of some stuff I was working on tonight for the con, so here you go~

A new button stand!


Yup, that's all for now. Ciaaaaaao~!! :heart:

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After I think a month or so of set-up... I finally have 'Ocean & Ichi's Closet' running! x'D

Ichi (my boyfriend) as us have been living together for three years now~ we've more or less discovered where we want to take our lives, and the things we need to sacrifice to do so u_u We need money and need to get rid of a lot of our stuff to make our moving process easier (whenever it is we are moving, hopefully within the next few years).

Anyway, I have a lot of my clothes up! Lots of fairy-kei, decora, wigs & accessories~
I also have lots of anime stuff, such as figures/posts/calenders/books/magazines!

I collected a lot of stuff the past 5 years... you could even call me a slight hoarder. > u >
But finally I am prioritizing my life, and I want all my old things to find happy new homes!! I hope that you will take a look at my stuff~

If there is something you really want and cannot pay by Paypal/credit card, I also accept cash through mail and check through mail, just send me a note and let me know!!
However, it is first-come-first-serve in payment.

Click below:

I also have this Chu Churam figure up on ebay. ^^ It's damaged, but I am trying to see if I can get some extra money for it before I put it up in the shop.

I also have my print shop which is always open, which you can click in the link section below.

Thank you so much always for you support~~~~~! :heart:


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Livestreaming: Offline

Wed Sep 18, 2013, 10:15 AM

Livestream: Off

Wait 5 seconds & support me:


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Hi!! Today I'm pimping one of my friends and raising awareness towards a good cause~! Please check out my friends~!

:iconmzzazn: is doing discounted fundraiser commissions to pay for volunteer work at a Kenyan orphanage~ (please read all of the info [HERE] )
It's for a great cause and the commissions are butt cheap and she's almost reached her goal!! :heart:

Also, one of my online besties, :iconmagicalsakura: is doing a lot of great things with her art these days so I really want to pimp her out and share her shiny magical art with all of you ^o^

She is working on a game~ the demo is here:
Faithfully Yours: Demo1.0 by MagicalSakura

And she also just completed her first doujin-to-order (which I proof-read ww) which features NessoxFiona from Black Wolves Saga ' u ' I am not into otome games, but she is very much involved in the otome fandom, so if you are interested, please check out her work~!

<da:thumb id="398731697"/>

That's all for now! I am trucking away at my manga currently, hehe~


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Follow me on Twitter~! + Manga WIPs

Thu Sep 5, 2013, 7:58 PM

TL;DR Twitter link here: [LINK]

Hi all~!
I feel so bad I haven't been very active lately, especially on livestream. I miss it!! I was travelling a lot during August though, and now I'm visiting home (my parent's house); and I've been having a hard time with the passing of my dog. I can't wait to go home (my apartment lol) and just settle in and cook my own food and be in my own space. *m*;;; And blast my tunes haha

I do however tweet from time to time; since I can do it from my phone so I do it a lot when I'm out haha. (I tend to tweet on the bus if I'm feeling nervous and I need to do something to make myself look busy lol)
I think I publicised (made a journal) about my twitter when I first got it which was years ago. So I've had it for awhile~

Also lately I've been posting a lot of WIPs of my upcoming manga and original works!! : D It'll be an online manga as well! I really look forward to showing everyone.
Here are the WIPs so far (it's going to be a sci-fi manga; can you tell):

(promo image wip) strawberriiiiiiiiiiiiesssss!!!

So that's all I gotta show you. ' 7 ' Ciao friends! :heart:


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Otakuthon/Current Vacation Recap

Wed Aug 21, 2013, 10:22 AM

Hello guys~~ I have a couple minutes (while I am currently mentally working off my hangover) to write a recap of the con before I head off to FanExpo, so here I go~

After being in the hospital for so long this year, and I spent a lot of time inside not socializing (unhealthy lifestyle) I was worried how I would handle the con and staying with :iconalexisneo: (where I was crashing + my tablemate) but it worked out swimmingly!! I love her dearly... T 7 T ~~ Please do check out her art! She's very under-rated~

(Our table)

Met the usual :star: Otakuthon Cast :star:
:iconhinoraito: :iconlittleriyu: :iconcareko: :iconmoved2-lavender-iced: :iconpeachmaiden: !! 

And some other people *_______*
:iconlolisoup: - was so nice to finally meet you aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh AHHHHHHHH I REALLY WANTED THAT BUBBLINE PRINT. I WAS THINKING ABOUT IT BEFORE I EVEN CAME HERE CRIES
:icondestinyblue: - omg......... my European dream girlfriend. basically. Thank you for the extra print u/////u
:iconhitsukuya: & :iconminyatto: Thanks for the keychains and prints! TT 7 TT<3
:iconakimiya: Thank you for the PPG thing! TT u TT
:iconcareko: Thank you for letting me use part of your stand *o*; Considering getting a set-up like that.......

AND ESPECIALLY thank you to everyone who stopped buy, looked, bought my stuff, or just took a card!! I always appreciate the support :heart:

I went out for ramen on Saturday night with :iconalexisneo:, her sis, :iconmoved2-lavender-iced: and :icondestinyblue:. Was so good! I ate the whole bowl! I was really proud LOL but afterwards.... hahaha....

Sunday was probably the best for sales! And the most running around I did. I didn't even buy anything at the con! (Besides 2 prints...) Usually I want to buy plushies and shirts and crap left and right, but my bag was so packed for both Otakuthon and FanExpo that I probs shouldn't get anything else lol... probably good for my wallet too..;;

Actually, I took a break to go check out the Lolita swap meet, and karaoke was going on at the same time in the next room -- and there was only two people in line, so I gave it a go!! I sang Renai Circulation and got all of the lyrics.. and got a big cheer at the end! Pretty proud of myself actually hEH;;

Sunday night :iconalexisneo: & :iconmoved2-lavender-iced: & I went out for drinks and all got super smashed LOL;; I was the 'ambassador' of the night (how) .....ordering us drinks?? (P proud, I don't usually do that) I even gave the bartenders a couple of malfunctioning twitchy winks and got us three shots for free. HEH/// Ok not really the winks tho lol

Spent Monday getting over a hangover (lol) Lav slept all day, and I watched a documentary on North Korea and then went out shopping downtown with :iconalexisneo:. Got harassed by a dude looking for sponsors to help poor children -- and actually was going out of his way to make us feel bad like wtf? Alexis was like "sorry, maybe if you have a card I'll check out the site when I get home".
"Do you know how many people actually do that? Can you guess what the percentage is of people who actually go home and check out the site? 4%. Are you going to be part of that 4%?"
Like wow you're not making us wanna sponsor that kid right now jfc

Also stole a coffee from Timmies PFF but I didn't go out of my way; it was literally just sittin there and no one was taking it............


(Just a drawing I did during the trip sometime)

Also went to go see Pacific Rim that night with the girls Monday night~! (As I call them.. my dream team.... alexisneo & MOVED2-Lavender-Iced) Wtf I did a lot on Monday.
It was AMAZING *____* Such eye candy..... and Mako's past scene was very very well done... the actress was really good. So emotional.

And yesterday --


It was actually alexisneo's birthday which she held at a grand ol castle. A very expensive castle. With lots of strict rules..... which in the end, there were complications and all 40+ people were kicked out and the cops came Idfk... I don't remember, I was drunk, I danced in the streets in my kigurumi and met some cool dudes. And opened up some bottles on the side of the road and scraped up my fingers. I've never done that before hehhh

And now it's the morning after. I ate almonds for breakfast and video-called with my boyfriend. That's about it.

See you all at FanExpo tomorrow!! It'll be A107..... in the anime section.... amongst... many many artists..... it's p huge. I'll be sharing with :iconmoved2-lavender-iced:, so if you can find me as my half table, please stop by~~~ thank you for readin~


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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Otakuthon and FanExpo!

Mon Aug 12, 2013, 8:46 PM

Hey bros!! Otakuthon (in Montreal) is this coming weekend, and FanExpo (in Toronto) is the weekend after. I'll be in the artist alley for both. I'm going to be dead after FE... I've never done two cons in a row before. My respect to people who went to Otakon the weekend before. >o<;

I will be at table 228 with :iconalexisneo: (as usual~ :heart:) in the premium artist alley. We will not be facing the dealers room this year. T~~T
Please drop by!! >u<
(Sick ass drawing by alexisneo huhu)

As for FanExpo I'll be tabling with :iconmoved2-lavender-iced: at table A107.

Here is the merch I will have lined up for these cons!

11x17 prints:
Bad Little Boy by oceantann Mikasa by oceantann Punish by oceantann  Bubbline Romance by oceantann  Bottle Dreams by oceantann Sword Art by oceantann First and Second Children by oceantann MLP : FiM - Lavender Seperation by oceantann Free! - Puppies, kittens, and an insect by oceantann

8.5x11 prints:
Rainbow Dash : Laze by oceantann Twilight Sparkle : Pristine by oceantann Applejack : Relax by oceantann Rarity : Beauty by oceantann Pinkie Pie : Party by oceantann Fluttershy : Dreaming by oceantann I'm Catbug by oceantann Anime North 2013 - Momiji Maid by oceantann Hipster Friends by oceantann BIRTHDAY by oceantann  Flaming Love -edit- by oceantann

And buttons!:

(My new Titan buttons are now available in my Storenvy:…)

Hope you'll all stop by~~! Can't wait to see you all ;; 7 ;;


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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AX 2013 Recap!

Wed Jul 17, 2013, 3:05 PM

A little late, (like, 2 weeks) but lol last year I don't think I ever did one. This year was really great since I got to spend it with my girlfran, :iconharukatsune: ~~ /like the most in-denial gay couple ever
Haruka also did a recap here, I think she went into more detail than I did LOL LIKE GETTING STUCK IN GHETTO SKETCH HELL....... oman

So let us begin~ 

On the way to L.A.~

I showed up and set up Saturday so I didn't have to WAIT AT ALL LOL~~ Originally I was planning on going to the con to just be with harukatsune, but last minute the con offered me a table there so I took it. My flight was already booked though to come in Thursday and leave Sunday, so I could only make it to the con for two days.
Unfortunately with a "last minute" table, I got stuck in the back where there wasn't much flow of people. Luckily I still broke even, so thank you to everyone who stopped by!! A lot of new faces, and a couple I remember from last year! I was honoured to take pictures with people and converse. Sorry if I seemed shy, or all I really know how to say is "thank you" (lol) but I really am thankful *uwu*!

:iconyehjeaner: stopped by and gave me and Haruka these prints -- and we both freaking spazzed forever LOL//// Ahh ty so much again!! ;//o//; I'm so honoured aah I'll treasure it forever!! <3

Outfit Friday uvu
Friday was the deadest day though. Saturday was better. Every night after the con Haruka and I went to Little Tokyo~ ....yup every night LDKSF;;

Haruka's dad bought us dinner the first night (ty Harotou-san)~ the rice was really delicious, it had some sort of fishy taste to it. I've never tasted rice so flavourful! ;v;

Our hotel also had this freaking photo in it and it looks LIKE A TITAN KINDA....................... (from shingeki www)

Saturday got pretty busy here and there~! I didn't talk to many people at this con tho, pmuch just... MOVED2-Lavender-Iced & hitsukuya haha? And Kaze-Hime a bit..........-- riddles............ ... ..|||;;

Actually someone came by Sat and interviewed me and my boyfriend Ichi, on our fave Sailour Scout and how we're looking forward to the new series~ x'D It's up on Youtube! Ichi was at 0:26, and 2:33, and I was at 0:44 hahaha u//w//u

Actually on Saturday I got.. quite the... commission;;;;;;;;;;

These guys go around and try to commission everyone to draw this character in any sort of rendition so ..I.. did it.......... hahhahahaa/////////;;;;; I think they said they were making a calender LSDK;;

On the way back Saturday.. we passed this restaurant--
Only in America 7@;;;;;; hahahha

OH YEAH AND LIKE at some point Haruka and I were chilling in the hotel and I ..SAW.. THIS????

Saturday was chill, Ichi and I went to Little Tokyo and we parted with harukatsune u//v//u Can't wait next year to see you~~ <3
And now just for pics~!

PURIKAAAAAAA//////// I freaking love purikura;;;; psure if I was a Japanese girl I would be one of those gyaru chicks doing the karaoke and purikura after school hahaha---
I forced Haruka and Ichi into doin it with me ///~

I also bought a ton of stuff... ;; Last year I held back in my spendings because my mom and I went on the trip together but this year LOL;;; sh-shit

Kera mag, Swimmer toothbrush set, pencils/pencil case, chopsticks set, this little scrubby thing (I just like the face??), and eyeliner aka shit I do not need

Kawaii tape, make up, Swimmer suitcase tag, BB cream aka MAGIC, Miki keychain

Lil cookies(I just like the packaging obv), floral crown, stationery, eyelashes, Ims glass

Rilakkuma kigurumi ww;;;;

Ichi and I wrote on the Tanabata wish/tree thing (forget what it's called;;)~~

Ichi you freaking qt weeb

And finally~~~~

Me and :iconharukatsune:~~!
I miss you girl ;;7;; We are planning on tabling together next year for AX, so hope you guys will stop by~~ >7< /<3

Thanks for reading! :heart:


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

Oceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantann

Hello, just thought I would make a journal~~

MOVED2-Lavender-Iced and I are looking for a place to stay for FanExpo and wonder if anyone is looking for two more people to split with *7*/ (and if you're in the artist community/have a table at FE would probably work out well too, Idk??;; )
Note me and let me know~!

That is aaaaaaaall! ^o^ Other wise ignore this uvu


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

Oceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantann

Hi guys~!! \o/ Just popping in to check up, I've been mostly doing con-work/commissions these days. AX was really fun, I still need to do a re-cap on it~////;;

Those who are going to Fan Expo, I will be in the artist alley at A107 with MOVED2-Lavender-Iced! ^v^
Please stop by~! I'm going to try and make some comic stuff, heh *7*;

AS FOR A-POP --- I did sign up for an artist alley table, but currently I'm on the waiting list. However, I will be performing there. ^7^ (It's a collaboration between Pinkly Ever After and A-Pop, much like the performance I did last time) Info should be here, I don't know if it's viewable to everyone, but I hope so~!


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

Oceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantann

Hello, I'm only taking commissions for one more week, before AX! That specifically means I'm only taking people's forms (forms are shown in the commission deviation) until the 3rd of June. I can wait for payments of the commission a little bit after if need be (like a week at most). People who have sent cash through mail already, you are fine.

My commission info is below in the icon.
PLEASE read all the info in the comment section before ordering and fill out the form accordingly!!! I can't stress this enough. It's really annoying getting orders that say "I would like my character [link] but the hair be blue and in a purple dress plz and no background". I'm trying to be professional as I can here and that doesn't help me at all, so please read everything thoroughly and fill out the form in a mature/professional manner, thank you! :heart:

Oceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantannOceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantannOceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantann

Commissions will most likely be closed for the year after this! So if you want one, this is the best chance. ^o^ Thanx again.


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

Oceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantann

Going through my follow list, I felt like there were just too many under-appreciated artists I miss. So please check these guys out too! : )

I actually find it sickening at how little pageviews this guy has, LOL. Absolutely amazing atmosphere drawings, amazing lighting, backgrounds, perspective, and over-all rendering. Plus lots of dogs! : D
For Mzzy by MortMorrison Budgie Time! by MortMorrison Kingdom Carousel by MortMorrison Hot buttered popcorn gal by MortMorrison

Fresh moe style, wonderful backgrounds.
Misuse of aerial perspective by umebositora Back alley girl by umebositora  Twilight by umebositora Witch girl by umebositora

Soft moe art! Seriously so soft. I don't even see lines, I just see soffffftttt. ////
morning market by yukihomu ultimate madoka by yukihomu :thumb256809155:

Probably my favorite pony artist ever. The cging method is so traditional pastel styled, it's just eyecandy to look at. They also do really cute Pokemon art.
 your destiny by suikuzu  Valentines Eevee by suikuzu

Moe moe moe *0*
FanArt - anaru by zpolice lightnovel coverillust by zpolice Happy New Year 2012 by zpolice

Amaazing. Honestly words can't even express.
girl in front of a painting. by megatruh neverwonder station . by megatruh hobbit: bond . by megatruh somewhere near, but far in time. by megatruh

Akiiiii uwu Really lovely scenery drawings, and she has her own unique, desaturated type style too.
Magical Girls by Akimiya Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice by Akimiya that snow by Akimiya Startling Blue by Akimiya

I love her eye styles and how sharp everything is! The celshaded style is really nice in all the bright colours she uses, too~.
Comm: Nura by ikr Comm: shadowtsuki (2) by ikr Comm: AceRailgun by ikr

Another really nice lineless style.
apple girl by himacchi homuhomu by himacchi untitled 8 by himacchi

Another extremely under-appreciated artist. All her work is done in copics. Really amazing~!
Amor by MaryTaylor Picture 1 by MaryTaylor Fuchsia by MaryTaylor

Some very nice mecha-musume-type work in this gallery.
Space working by observerz Busou Shinki TVA by observerz :thumb332338282:

Amazing traditional/digital type colouring! Is very soft and has a lot of depth at the same time.
Wish by pepperin Wind by pepperin :thumb367337838: Tent by pepperin

Great quality sketches. He does a very anime/cartoon type styles... and lots of cartoon lolis. His range is very wide though, he can draw lots of different things and his anatomy is spot on.

Hope you guys enjoyed \ o /


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

Oceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantann

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Featuring some really great artists!

Thu Jun 13, 2013, 11:53 AM

I want to feature some artists today who I believe are really underrated! Some of them are friends of mine, some of them I just follow. All of them have (imo) under-appreciated talent and I think people should give them a look, if they are looking for new artists to follow ^o^

Famous for her pony art, but I generally just really love her style. At first glance it's a little stereo-typical anime, but imo she has one of the most humble and captivating anime styles I've seen. Also her expressions are fantastic. Moe and unique~!
MMM by semehammer Twilight Crackle by semehammer SWAG by semehammer

I've known Fire for a while and I always thought her art was underrated. Her style is really unique and wonderful, and her work is really clean and detailed.
Starry Eyes by Firefly-Raye Okami Brush Gods by Firefly-Raye 100000 Kiriban by Firefly-Raye 88888 Kiriban by Firefly-Raye

P-prodigy. Amazing linework and details.
Do I Love... by Carlinette Tigresse by Carlinette La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin by Carlinette

Soft, humble style! Lots of pastel colours and cute couples!
girls by aya-ume Jinkame cover by aya-ume Fashion Aholic by aya-ume Lily by aya-ume

Amazing, soft lineless style!! I love her work so much. Simple yet so so captivating!
Allegretto by cosmolade Sirens by cosmolade 1003 by cosmolade keep this night by cosmolade

AKA MangoTango (lol) a very good friend of mine who does amazing moe/shoujo type work. Very colourful and bright.
SS: Santa's Little Helper by AikasCupcake Galaxy Magical Girl by AikasCupcake You look just like a Princess! by AikasCupcake Cherry's Birthday Surprise by AikasCupcake

I've been following her for 8 years now (w-wow;; ) and her style has changed dramatically. She has amazing traditional skills~ Every piece has it's own unique charm. <3
drip by LoveSoup TWINS by LoveSoup flowers by LoveSoup flowers 2 by LoveSoup

Another girl I've known for awhile who's style has changed dramatically! Moe, but still has a really traditional/mori feel to it, although it's all done digitally.
Commission: nocturnalmiyu 6 by nemurou Commission: Jigsu3 by nemurou Commission: Vaniraa 3 by nemurou Commission: iRyoki by nemurou

A really great friend of mine~ she is amazing at multiple styles, whether it be realism/cartoon/anime, she does all three very well, and they all have their unique charm! I love all of her work no matter what it is. (It was so hard to not pick a ton of pictures for this one, haha////)
Summertime Marceline Pin-Up by alexisneo :thumb320682724: Loki by alexisneo Something Wicked... by alexisneo :thumb349323249:

She does a lot of pony work for Welovefine, but her way of replicating realism is amazing. Her colours and lighting, are just godly, really.
MLP FIM: Commission - Starbuck playing video games by hinoraito MLPSecretSanta 2012 - For di0medes by hinoraito MLP FIM Commission - Blitzstar and Celestia by hinoraito

Thought I'd throw this bb in here too. She's working on an otome game right now (visual novel for girls). She's a really hard worker and her stuff is really cute~
[Repost]Puella Magi Madoka Magica by MagicalSakura BWS Fiona+Guillan by MagicalSakura A Princess and Her Knight by MagicalSakura Aspasia by MagicalSakura

Really moe-moe style. Nijiiru has potential to be a really great artist, I can't wait to see what her work looks like in a few years from now!
FAILURE by Nijiiru FAILURE by Nijiiru FAILURE by Nijiiru

Thank you for looking! :heart:


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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AX 2013 (Update)

Thu Jun 6, 2013, 9:16 PM

It's only 4 days away now........!!;;;;;
For people who plan on stopping by, I will only be there Friday and Saturday!! I will not be there Thursday or Sunday, sorry!
Please come by and help me out. uwu

I am located at J40 so I will be... in the back somewhere. LOL cry

See you soon! ;w;


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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New Meloncake shop open / Print sale!

Wed May 29, 2013, 1:01 PM

Hi guys, my new online shop is now up~! I've opened it up in Storenvy. There are prints, posters, buttons, books, portrait prints, etc.

If you CAN'T pay by Paypal/VISA/online however, and wish to pay by cash through mail or check through mail, please contact me directly through note and we can work something out.
I really do need the money right now, and as of such, I will be opening up commissions next week as well. Thank you for all your support :heart:



Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

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I'm now oceantan.

Mon May 27, 2013, 9:16 AM

I've been thinking about this for awhile, but, I'm now oceantan~

You're still free to refer to me as oceanchan or whatever, I still don't mind the name, especially considering I've had it for almost ten years now, I am very used to it. This was actually a really hard decision~!
But oceanchan is a little bit weeb, and oceantan is a little more subtle. But in the end, I'm still Ocean, haha uwu

And oceantan can work as like....... like.......tan on your skin. /CLEVER? idk

Yay for new beginnings. *U*/


Cons of 2013 I will be attending:

Anime North; May 24-26 Toronto
Anime Expo; July 5-6 Los Angeles
Otakuthon; August 16-18 Montreal
Fan Expo; August 22-25 Toronto

Oceantan Commissions CLOSED by oceantann

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