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Summary of Art 2012 by oceantann Summary of Art 2012 by oceantann
Tbh, I don't see much improvement in this year (at least, on the surface), but to be fair, this year was a really confusing year for me (in art and in a lot of other aspects too...)

I don't think I really "unimproved" this year, I was just trying a lot more things (even if it might not seem apparent). My CGing style I used in January was at the brink; I was doing pretty much all I could do with it technique wise. It is very detailed, but the shading/light themselves sources aren't "realistic" or "proper". I was so busy working on every little stroke, basically, I forgot to look at the picture as a whole.

I still like this style though. But it's too time consuming, and where I stand right now, I want to learn some fundamentals of realism, and incorporate the knowledge I have now into that. Mainly bright colours. I don't think I'll ever stray from that; bright colours have always been my favourite thing about anyone's art.

One of the main things I tried to learn this year was how to make my art quicker and still look good. That's a problem I'm still working with since I taught myself how to CG incorrectly over the years.

August-November I tried to work on that, but I'm still having difficult incorporating my old bright colours while still trying to learn realistic shading. It's hard~! I haven't quite got it yet. But it's one of my goals.

December is a current work in progress. I think I am starting to get a hang of certain things I've wanted to for awhile.

I think my favourite work this year is January and February, funny since that's before I started experimenting. u_u
What I did improve on this year is anatomy! It's an uphill battle for me since I am trying to re-teach myself how to draw.

As for the whole anime thing......
I don't think I'll be "getting out of it" any time soon. I know there's a lot of things I could improve on, but I like anime. I don't really want to move onto a realistic style. I mean, I do in the bodies, but not the face. uwu

So!! What I want to do in 2013:

-Improve on my men.........still..... (which I have been working on! They're still sorta ehn, so I don't post them often)
-Teach myself patience for things other than the FACE (like background etc. I have lots of patience doing the face because it's my favourite part)
-Improve anatomy
-Improve shading! But learn how to mix bright colours into it...somehow..
-Learn to make art faster, and still look good and not sloppy

Projects for 2013:
-Make some Adventure Time fanart
-Regular Show fanart!
-New Pony prints
-Start my online manga~~~~
-Make more gifts for people.

I'll be LSing momentarily, btw ^^
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December 28, 2012
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