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24th of April is my birthday~

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New Improved FAQ!

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 10:59 PM

Hello guys! Considering the last time my FAQ was updated was MARCH 17TH 2012.............. I think it needed to be refreshed.
If you have any questions that aren't on here you may ask me, but please read them thoroughly before doing so. Thanks!

LAST UPDATED:  April 20th 2014


Q. What's your real name?
A. Allison... but don't call me that ;;

Q. How do you pronounce Oshaikeuchi?
A. Oh-shy-ee-keh-oo-chee

Q. How old are you?
A. I don't specifically give it out, but I am out of college.

Q. Where do you live?
A. Ontario, Canada

Q. How long have you been drawing?
A. Around 10-12 years

Q. Do you sell at any cons?
A. I go to Anime North, FanExpo, and Otakuthon almost yearly. I am working on expanding a little more out west.

Q. Can I purchase your manga at Barnes&Noble/Chapters/Indigo/etc?
A. Sorry no, but you can only purchase it through my personal store

Q. Please draw so-and-so for me?
A. I do not on any circumstances take requests! I have commissions open sometimes, so keep an eye out for them! (I am currently planning on opening them for June-July 2014!)

Q. Can you make a tutorial on ___?
A. I would love to have more time to make tutorials. Whenever I do, hair will be the first thing I'd like to tackle because people have requested it for years. ;; Sorry!

Q. Can we be friends? Can I have your MSN/skype?
A. As much as I would love to be friends and have chit chats with all of my watchers, I'm a busy girl ;; But please know I love you all!

Q. Can you check out my drawings and give me some tips?
A. This is another thing I wish I could help you all on. Sometimes (once-in-a-blue-moon kind of sometimes) I will review/critique art posted on my livestreams (as per request), but it's very hard to give so many individuals different advice when really it is all the same in the end.

What do you want to be able to draw good? Think about an artist you want to emulate, and think about why you like their art. Now, try think about what you need to do to learn those things and achieve that level. Learn things that will make your art better -- study light sources, anatomy, and different styles. Think about where and WHY you are placing your lines where you place them. These things may not seem appealing, but you will really benefit from them in the long run.

Q. When you start sketching something, do you have a general idea of how you want it to look (pose, theme, clothing, etc) or do you just start drawing and think it up as you go?
A. My strongest pieces conceptual-wise usually start with an idea ahead of time; but once and awhile a random sketch will turn into something alright.

Q. Do you have any other hobbies or interested? 
I love fashion, singing, dancing, working out, cooking, and gettin high. Yup

Q. Where do you get all your clothes?

Q. I want to sell at my first convention and need some advice!
A. I got this question so many times, so I made an article about it on my blog, here! ^v^


Q. What programs do you use for your digital colouring?
A. Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS5

Q. Do you have to buy these programs? Where do you get them from?
A. You're SUPPOSED to buy them... ;;

Q. What tablet do you use? How much was it?
A. I use Wacom intuos4 medium, and it was $250. I bought it used.

Q. What tools do you use for lineart/colouring/blending in SAI?
A. I use the Ol Water tool to lineart/sketch in SAI. For colouring, I use the pen tool for filling, and the brush for blending.
My current ink settings:

Q. How do you colour your lines in SAI?
A. Set your lineart layer (must have ONLY lines on it, no flattened image with a white background) to preserve opacity. Then colour away.

Q. How big are your canvases?
A. Usually 5100x3300 pixels for printing size.

Q. What are your brush/blending settings?
A. I can't answer this because I don't have one set of blend settings. They are always changing. And I don't mean like "I use this setting for the eyes, and this setting for the face" I mean they change every tenth stroke or so. It depends exactly what I'm doing at that moment. Sorry! ;;


Q. What do you use to record your screen?
A. Hypercam2.

Q. What do you use to edit your videos?
A. Previously Windows Movie Maker, now Sony Vegas Pro 9.

Q. How do you record your copic videos?
A. Most of them are just my laptop screen tilted down (the webcam is internally inside the laptop) and looks down upon the drawing. Then I flip the recording in a editor.

Q. How do you speed up your videos?
A. Previously used the "double speed" feature on WMM, now I do it in Sony vegas Pro (I think you press shift or caps or tab or ctrl....and drag it to the left lol. I forget which one it is ;; )

M A N G A  &  P R O D U C T

Q. Where did you get your manga published?
A. I self-publish all of my books at local print shops.

Q. Where do you print your prints/stickers?
A. Prints are done locally. As for stickers I have used two suppliers, RockinStickers (vinyl) and JiMiAgency (paper).

Q. How do you come up with stories/create characters?
A. I don't make as many stories as I used to, but-!! I believe some of the most interesting characters are based on real people with real faults and real traits. So when I make an OC, I try to base it on someone I know and the way they think/their motives/points of views.

Q. What is your manga-making process like?
A. When I have a story, I making thumbnails for the pages (by chapter) and write the script when I'm making the roughs for the panels. Then I sketch the the pages according to each thumbnail, then ink, and tone.

Q. I'm selling at my first convention and want to know about making products!
A. I got this question so many times, so I made an article about it on my blog, here! ^v^

If anyone else has any questions I should add, please, ask away! >v<
:heart: :heart:

Skin by *firstfear


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi, my name is Ocean! I love bright colourful things, and enjoy making artwork that makes people feel happy. A pretty simple concept. @ 7 @; But it's what I love!! Hope you enjoy :heart:


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Happy Birthday Ocean!   Your pictures is so cute! I love it! ~
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Happy, Happy Birthday, Ocean! I hope you have a super fun, awesome day! :)
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Hello and happy Birthday :D
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!Happy Birthday Xak ~
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I should've drawn something for you
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Happy birthday >w<
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